Toa Power Blaster

The idea was to make a power ranger power blaster. Much bulkier than I expected. Obviously this shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I’m just having fun


I’ll give you that.
TBH, though, (and I apologize for how brutal this might sound) the colors just aren’t good.
The reuse of the Mata pieces, well… As symbolic as it is, it would be better off with the different colors as ammo or power, and a single, grey weapons that the power cells could be slotted into, giving the weapon different capabilities.

So that’s my two cents.
Other than that, just keep Moccing and having fun! Fun is the most essential part, without it, Moccing is just a useless waste of time.

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I like it. Reminds me of Power Rangers when all the rangers stack their weapons together for a big finishing attack.

That was the idea

Well I’d say you pulled it off pretty well.

Uhmmm…Not sure what to say about this…