Toa Power, Destiny, the Nui Stone and Marendar?

“Toa Power is latent energy within all Toa and Matoran destined to become Toa.” (not to be confused with Elemental Power)

  • The Nui Stone used Toa Power to amplify Elemental Power… Did it transform Toa Power into Elemental Energy? Are Toa’s elemental powers weakened if they use up a portion of their Toa Power? (Which brings up the question of how Elemental Powers work for other species, like Skakdi, Makuta or the Element Lords.)
  • From what I understand, based on Lhikan not become a Turaga immedietly after creating the Toa Stones (assuming he did use up the last of his Toa Power), Toa only turn into Turaga when both a) their destiny is achieved and b) they have no Toa Power left, which they can simply give up after achieving their destiny. (Or do they have to channel the Toa Power into something to give it up?) Correct?
  • Which brings me to my final point, does this mean that there can be Toa without Toa Power (who have used up all their Toa Power but not achieved their destiny)? If so, would this mean the Marendar would be unable to track them? And if so, this seems like a big flaw, unless Toa without Toa Power are weaker?
  1. No. It allowed a Toa greater control/utilization of the elements as a result of having additional Toa power. And yes, I would say that a Toa whose Toa power is reduced would be weaker in general.
  2. They have to give up their Toa power for the greater good.
  3. Not that I know of, no.

So if a Toa does run out of Toa Power without completing their destiny, will they become a Turaga?

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