Toa/Rahkshi of Stone, Madu: MOC

Yeah, I decided to make a Rahkshi a member of my Toa team, you got a problem with it? stuck_out_tongue
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Ahhh... reminds me of my very first moc that I posted I would recommend starting with small sized builds for Toa teams. The chest is interesting but the limbs are a mess. I would not use the av-matoran limbs for a part of the arm and get rid of the Pohatu shoes on the shoulder. overall, a nice start.

Yeah, the arms were super rushed but most everything else pretty much fit what I was going for. Thanks for the feed back, though, and I'll certainly continue to build and improve.

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It's definitely cool, but the lower legs look a bit off for some reason. I don't actually have much experience with MOCs, so take my advice with a grain of salt

Its treason then? Anyway this moc is really cool. I like what you did with the sand armor piece. Keep up the great work, or don’t