Toa Refir's Custom BIONICLE 2015 Soundtrack (WIP)

A fan project that I've been working on for a few days now. Not all songs are finished but I wanted to hear what you guys thought so far:

These are custom made songs I've created (with Garageband) for the possible BIONICLE fan series I may or may not be making. In case anyone would like to use some of these songs, go ahead, just please be sure to give credit. smile (Also, if you do use them, please let me know, I'd really like to see the video!)


I like Lewas it just sounds like the type of song the Le-Koro band would play.

I really like your work!

What program do you use to make these songs?
Or is it real instruments, because, that'd be even more awesome. smiley

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I like Onua's theme in particular. The industrial sound at the beginning reminds me of the old Onu-Koro theme...


that was incredible, I could see Onua and Lewa fighting with a skull spider stuck to lewa's face in "Clash of the elements"


Listening now. I'm very impressed even just by the beginnings of "Earth"

I picked it not just for being the first one on my list but because I can play with my Protector of Earth and Onua while listening.


Excellent work on all of these. My only suggestion would be to make them longer and to have the water theme fade out rather than just stop. Other than that great work.

My favorites are Water, Ice, and Ancient City.

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Updated! A few more songs have been added.

  1. "The Three Virtues"
  2. "Shadows Gather"
  3. "Science 'N' Stuff"
  4. "The Toa of FUNK!"

Sheesh, they should call me the Toa of Procrastination. stuck_out_tongue

Updaterz! Two more songs added and hopefully some more on the way. Hoping to get some 2016 tracks done in time for January. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy.

  1. "Grave (Kulta's Theme)"
  2. "Bonestorm"