Toa Rupahu/ TTV Viper

Yes, it's a female Toa of Air, no I haven't fully thought out how that could work. I wanted to build a female design, green was what I had the parts with to best do that.

This was never intended to represent Viper, but I realized after building her, that it kind of worked. The torso design is a modified version of one I found through a google image search. I wasn't able to find the name of the creator, but I must make it clear the base design is borrowed from that. Onto the pictures!

Basic forward view

A closer look

And from behind

She's fairly capable with that bladed staff

I don't know, I think there's something cute about her

But she's got the fire power to do some damage too

At least it isn't loaded

And here she is, just laying back, relaxing

And finally, an attempt at doing a similar to pose to Venom's Viper MOC

Overall, I'm pleased with this build. Better than the last one. I could probably do the feet better, but I wanted to keep the heels and small footprint, and that seemed the best way.


You did a good job with the build, subtle yet obviously female. I like the way the build looks as a whole! Very complete, very consistent.

The two thinks that stick out to me are the feet, and the bulky black left shoulder piece. I feel like the left arm needs more metru green.
I like the feet in principle, But I would look for a way to make them more streamline. It's mostly the front of the foot that throws me; that grey ball is awkward.
I would recommend using a toa Mata foot as the base, instead of a bohrok foot.

Dem spiked boots tho


I was going for a bit of an asymmetrical look in the shoulder armor. But I'll look into adding some more green. I had considered the Mata foot, but I thought the bohrok foot would be better since it's green and all Mata foot I own are basic grey.

And yeah the grey ball joint on the foot does stand out. That stems from using the Hordika inner head piece. Thank you for your suggestions, I'll be sure to keep them in mind.

Reasons to be female Toa of Air

  1. Energized Protodermis
  2. Makuta science shenanigans.