Toa Seihu

Hey guys,

Here is my creation.

With sticks (Based on Escrima Sticks)

Wielding Sword

Wielding Sticks in (Nunchuck mode)

Seihu with Boomerang

Seihu with Toa Lhikan

Thanks for looking

Here is where more can be found:


I think the yellow is a good hit of detail within the white and black and silver

otherwise? It’s a fairly moderate modified Metru build. I think it’s fine

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I’m glad you took the time to see this. Thanks for the feedback.

That is a nice custom shoulder and armor design.

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Nice, what kind of Toa are they?

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The chest feels like it should be covered more, but I really like the range of weapons he has.

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Glad to see you on the boards, and the moc looks good as well.


Toa Seihu is a middle ground between the Metru and the Mangai.

I was talking element, actually.

It’s light.

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This looks cool but the torso could use some more work

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The shoulder connecting is pretty long and the weapons are relatively fitting-


Where can it be improved?

It looks a bit too thin near the bottom of the torso

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Good point. I’ll see how I can beef it up a little. What are your recommendations?

Thanks for the advice. I’ll find pieces to address that.

Good to see you here, Saxton. It was uncomfortably quiet without you on the “pages”.

With a Bohrok Shield or something?

Maybe, that or an inika shoulder pad

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Best introduction.

I like this alot. Pretty neat.

Sorry for the double post, but my last one could not be edited anymore.

Anyway, I need your help.

Which sword would complement Seihu the most?

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The mask of truth is a tad to big for the moc. Or maybe it sticks out too much

Maybe the latter

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