Toa Serjic, My Self-MOC



If you couldn’t already tell I really like Brutaka gold. However I have come up with a lore reason to justify the amount I put on this moc. Since he’s a Toa of lightning I figure he uses the gold all over his body to release his lightning powers from where ever he pleases. He could just shoot a lightning bolt out of his leg. Or his butt. Heh.

But anyway, I haven’t worked on this guy in a while, so where do you think I could improve?



anyway good moc and the Keet orange and Gold is balance

also do you have gold fever?


@Whaddon I have all the gold fever.

@Likus Thanks for the constructive criticism. You are correct I was running low on gold lol.

I was thinking of using some of the new Bionicle 2015 gold addons for the forearms. Do you think that would work?


Pretty solid looking build and the Keetorange does go with the gold (though blends in maybe a little too much)

Those feet don’t blend in well with the moc. It’s also not colored like a toa of lightning. Other than that, it’s alright.

Needs more color. Gold Hau is meh. Otherwise, the build is good.


Very good. The stylized aesthetic works and the gold is close enough to keetorange that it matches. Only real flaw is the forearms but I think the only reason they are so big is because you were running low on gold. Get some gold shells or technic panels to replace them and you’re good.

No I wouldn’t recommend the add ons, they’re about as wide as the pieces you’re using now just go for plain shells or panels. The inika thigh cover in pearl gold would be a good choice also, they’re about a dollar on bricklink which is kinda high for such small pieces though.

This is pretty cool for such an unusual colour scheme!

This looks cool. The only constructive criticism I could give would be to slim down his forearms and put the gold inika armor piece on his feet. I found a way you could do that, but first, you would have to ask me to tell you. Second, it involves using two bohrok feet (one for each foot). Ask me if you want the design (you could not, and want to figure it out yourself, which is honorable). if you want to know, I’ll upload a tutorial on how to make such a foot.

Neat build, love the torso!
Could use a bit less gold, though.

This is exactly what Lego said when they designed Tahu 2016.

Jokes aside this MOC is very cool and actually uses gold as a primary colour properly ‘cough cough Tahu 2016 cough’.

Only criticism is the slight lack of inconsistency of the feet not having enough gold.

After seeing the new wave, that was something in never thought I would say

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K. So I really, really like this MOC. I love it. my only issue here is the gold Bohrok eye in the middle of his chest. and I think he would look better with fingers. also his feet should be gold. and he needs some tires on his elbows. But he looks very, very awesome.

all of the yes with the build. but the colors are meh 8/10


So I took all your guys’ criticism and have attempted to improve the Moc. Here is a list of what I tried to fix:

  • Overall colour distribution. I’ve toned down the Keetorange and have made black the “under suit” of the Moc

  • He’s got claws! I think they look awesome!

  • Got rid of all blue connectors.

  • Made the entire arm design more proportional

  • Changed the upper legs design and the colouring of the lower legs.

  • Gave him gold custom feet. First time I’ve done custom feet so it might not be the best.

Tell me what you think!


Someone got in a fight with Mr. Midas :smirk:

sorry. Someone made that joke when I posted a gold moc.

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Really nice improvement! the feet are pretty decent too.

lookin slightly spikier and eviler

He looks even better, that bohrok eye still bugs me, but eh.

Still needs more color than gold and keet orange, imo.