Toa skull slicer moc

Back before the skull slicer died he was a Toa of air. The jungles were dense to put lightly, and he was one of the first. He had four arms two with elemental sword and the top two with claws allowing for him to move swiftly from tree to vine to tree. He died and was laid to rest in the ancaint city, the matoran pitting the skull mask on him as was custom, and it was here he laid until makuta brought him back to steal lewa’s mask and kill him.
I did use the for a moc of Toa gresh, but modified it since it better fit this charater.


Nice (I see he stole Gresh’s arms).


Yeah, again I just modified my gresh to fit this style, meaning switching some amour and adding one or two things I am glad you like it.

Then just make a post in the previous topic showing the edits. Making more topics for the same thing just clogs up the boards.


this is pretty nice(better than my mocs).

Thank you, it helps to stay with a frame and work one step at a time and build as it comes, and you will get better!

Thanks man. We’ll have to see what the public thinks when my moc comes out though.

Some only focus on what you did wrong, but keep you own style and use what you have!