Toa Team (Name WIP)

(Name WIP) Toa of Iron
Duel Weilds two revolver type guns which helps him shoot metal slugs. He carries on him chunks of metal to use as ammunition.

(Name WIP) Toa of Jungle/The Green
Wears two masks the First is the Great mask Kiril and the second is the mask of healing (portrayed here as Hydraxon’s helmet/mask). His Spear is made of plant material that goes through a process called Bohifu which gives the plant material the hardness, strength, flexibility, and sharpness as some metals. Because it is made of plant materials he can adjust the length of the spear at will.

(Name WIP) Toa of Earth
Duel wields two swords. Nothing special about them. Uses his earth abilities he can feel the vibrations to determine how many enemies and where they are to help him sneak around better.

(Name WIP) Toa of Fire
Practitioner of unarmed combat. He will encase his hands and feet in flame hot enough to melt protodermis. Because of this his armor has been specially forged to withstand these high temperatures. All his biological parts have been reinforced to with thin sheets of this special metal as well.

I do have plans to make more toa for the team hopefully


I’ve got a couple of problems with these guys. Overall, they’re all kind of basic, use the same kind of build and their torso feel too elongated, giving them a very small waist. A;so, the only real personality I’m seeing in these guys are their masks and their weapons. Finally, it might be good to change the toa of iron’s arms as going form thin pieces to thick pieces just doesn’t look right


They’re fine for what they are, which…is not much… They are just kinda basic Metru builds, which is fine, though it would be nice to see just a bit more flair to them, ya know?

Overall, good stuff here.

They’re a bit skinny, but generally alright. Maybe just shorten the torso. I like what you did with the arms/shoulders, the colours are pleasing, and, other than the haven’t-eaten-since-birth-and-strung-on-the-rack waist, they’re decent Metru-built Toa.

So I shortened the torso

this was the one stud drop while it does still look skinny the hands are still about where I like them

This was the two stud drop it does look pretty good, but i don’t think I would go any lower as the hands are a little to low to me.

@RaptorTalon I am planning on giving some of them accessories so that may help with the flair


These guys are all really skinny, but no other problems in general.

I did drop all the torsos down two studs, I’ll take the updated pictures and get them up tomorrow :grin:

The edits are up

Edited for double-post. --John Smith


I appreciate your use of metru torsos (not every moc needs to have complexy custom builds for everything, some actually want this appearance). Also the way you placed the arms to the sholders makes them look more feminine, which to me indicates more posssible options for the metru build.

I suggest seeing more metru based mocs on the net, as they are quite inspirational for some rather creative builds, some of which I also incorporated into my own mocs.

I don’t really see anything original. It’s good to have simplistic Mocs, but you need to make them your own.