Toa team update

So I finally got to fixing up my toa team, and this happened.

Any suggestions?


Some zoomed in pictures would be nice. And a photo of the old team would make it easier to see the changes.

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looks like they got you outnumbered, champ

we’ll miss you


Getting a bigger picture of them was a bit hard since there was 9 of them, but here you go!

As for the old team,


How do you have an area of the house that clean?


Ah yes. Nine member Toa teams. Not the worst mistake of my life.
It does feel like you’re creatively stretching yourself thin here. You’ve got nine MOCs, but only two (#5 and #6 on the main image) seem remotely interesting. #1, #3, and #8 feel like borrowed concepts or alt builds for Rocka, Kopaka and Tahu, with the rest of them somewhere in between the two.

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True, but I’m working with what I got.

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