Toa Tikisaurus, master of dinosaurs :P

Well, it has taken me a long time but I finally got enough pieces to make my self MOC. It is the first one I have ever made so criticism and tips would be appreciated. Enjoy! :smile:

I wasn't sure which mask I liked best so I used 4 different masks: the Avohkii, Metru Huna, Metru Hau, and Phantoka Miru Nuva.

So which mask looks best on him?
Also I don't like how thin his lower torso is, advice on how to cover it up would be appreciated. Advice on how to make him look more like a dinosaur also appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:


The best mask in my opinion is the Metru Hau.
Anyway, this MOC is gappy in some places, has a color scheme that isn't consistent everywhere, and has a small head.
But, there is more Pros than Cons here.
The small head really gives him the "dinosaur" look you were going for, since some dinosaurs have small heads. The color scheme is pretty unique, and the MOC is armored well in some places.
(I didn't mention all the Pros since I'm lazy)


From the looks of things, the frame is similar to Tuma but edited worst (the crotch section)

I would say giving it a tail, bigger head, and shorter arms. Also the Lhikan mask fits better imo.

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You are correct, it is based off of Tuma (cause I mostly had extra Tuma parts). And yep his frame is pretty lame.

Aight, I shall take your advice and give him a tail and shorter arms, unfortunately I don't have any bigger heads or masks and kinda don't have enough parts to make a custom head.
Edit: I've done it I tried to make the bottom portion of his frame look better. I made it shorter and added a few extra pieces.

But I didn't give him a tail. Instead, I used Takanuva's corpse to create this monster. It has the tail instead.

Dinosaur is a very broad term, what kind of dinosaur do you want.
Another issue with this is that the MOC itself is humanoid and dinosaurs, well, aren't.

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That's because he's the Master Of Dinosaurs, NOT an actual dinosaur. Kinda like how Pohatu is Master Of Stone but he isn't actually a stone. Instead he has the power to control stones and my character here has the power to control dinos.

I just wanted him to look slightly dinosaur-like.

A carnivorous dinosaur along the lines of a raptor or T-Rex.

Well the most obvious that comes to me is using clawed feet and make one of them the famous raptor sickle claw.

Maybe color block him to appear like he has a feather coat like this.

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Dinosaurs are a very diverse group. You could choose to use any one of the various groups, you could come up with various sets of equipment representing the different groups, you could go for the look dinosaurs are presumed to have had ancestrally or you could try to make him resemble modern dinosaurs.


Toa of dinosaurs eh? That is the greatest toa concept to ever exist ever in the history of history! Although, as a toa of dinosaurs, what are his powers?

A tail is very necessary to give it a more dinosaur look. Also, I would try more spikes, maybe some custom clay hands.

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He has the power to travel through time. So he went back to the Mesozoic era and then realized that his power was only a one time use and got stuck there. So to pass the time he began to tame dinosaurs. And then he gave himself the title of Master Of Dinosaurs.

I literally just made that all up right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could use some polishing, but not bad.

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Slight update. I took some of your advice and gave him raptor claws on his feet and he now has Nuparu claws behind his hands.

I also gave him a shoulder gun but I'm not sure if I'll keep it. I kept the Avohkii cause I decided to drop all gold coloured pieces.


Much better! Could still use a tad bit of work, but this is really good. :relaxed:

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Cool but I wish the chest plate's color matched Lhikan's Hau.


Why wouldn't you just use custom built hands?

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I'm honestly not sure what I was thinking when I said that.

Probably just a typo of claw to clay.


I remembered that someone told me to give him more spikes. So I did.

Also I got rid of the shoulder gun, it just felt out of place.


What do the spikes look like from the front?

They're not very visible from the front.

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