Toa Trunon, Toa of Air

My latest Bionicle MOC. Hope you guys like him!


he cool, I'll give ya that

I have one word: Dense...

...Just let it be known that's a good thing. Oh, yeah, I forgot, I like the choice of mask as well...

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@JMP Thank you

@EvilLobsterKing Haha, thank you

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Incredibly solid cool and creative MOC. Nice details.

This is awesome! I love the color combination and how "dense" he is stuck_out_tongue Great job!

Gotta say, I love it! The color scheme is good, the solid bone structure is nice and filled, and he's got a solid build-up. If only I could MOC like that...

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I know right stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes I haven't done a MOC in a few years

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