Toa Tuyet Canon Description?

Hey! New to the board and returning bionicle fan, was wondering if anyone had all the descriptions of what Toa Tuyet looked like? Re-reading the many deaths of Toa Tuyet but don’t have time to go through everything including her rn. I’m sure this would help many others.


biosector01 is a very accurate collection of Bionicle information. It’ll probably have what your looking for.
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All that is really known about her is that she is a Toa of Water (so she should be mostly/all blue), and wields a Barbed Broadsword.

Additionally, she wears a Mask of Intangibility, but we don’t know what that looks like. Yet.


It is said she was blue. But that’s debatable.

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She also has shards of the nui stone imbedded in her armor.

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