Toa Tuyet MOC

This is my MOC for Toa Tuyet for that upcoming contest, some alterations may come. Feedback welcome.

Action pose the back armor can freely rotate for more air dynamic swimming.


The arm and leg fins, while looking cool, make her look too bulky in my opinion.
That sword design is pretty awesome though.
All in all a nice moc.


the’s pretty nice.
maybe i should build a tuyet.

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Very nice. I like the strong-and-spiny look. The sword is really well done, too!

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That broadsword is brilliant. Well done.

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This is why even if you have immense elemental power you shouldn’t skip leg day…

On a positive note, she has a really neat sword.

IS this better positioning for the fin armor?

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I think so. It looks a good bit sleeker.

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