Toa Tuyet

Yep, it’s Tuyet again. Only this time, in MOC form.

All canon information about Tuyet may be found here.

This is my first attempt at a complex, fully custom torso (Voltstorm’s torso, though custom, is rather straight-forward). Since we never got an actual version of the Great Mask of Intangibility, I used a custom-painted Noble Komau (which was originally for another project).

All credit for the upper-leg design goes to @Connor_Hoffman. Hmmm… Now that I look at it, the lower-legs seem a little too simple; I’ll have to work on that…

Here’s a picture of Tuyet and her Barbed Broadsword (at least, the only design I could think of that was close enough to the description of her actual sword), as well as the Nui Stone.

Obligatory size-comparison picture with my Self-MOC.

Well, thanks for viewing, and, hehe, see you next year :stuck_out_tongue:

I love New Year’s Eve…


Very nice, but a bit too thin imo

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She looks pretty fresh! Nice work!


It looks nice, though an addition of more finished looking lower arms and legs would be good.


Very nice! I love how you made the feminine proportions!

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