Toa Ultima, part 15: Serena, toa of Shadow

Alright everyone, I can finally put this series to rest, as this is the final member of the team, and my personal favorite. Because she is my favorite, I gave her a bit more story than the rest of them and I want to share it here.

As a toa of shadow, Serena was shunned and feared by other toa, causing her to become an outsider to their society. This made her forsake her fellow toa and become a bounty hunter for hire, and though she no longer considered herself to be a toa, she still stuck to the three virtues and many of the rules of the toa code, especially the rule of not killing anything. One day, she was approached by a toa of light named Saigon, who asked her to join his Toa team to defeat Marendar, a powerful Toa killing monster. Saigon explained that it had been prophesied that a Toa of each element would be needed to defeat Marendar, however Serena refused saying that she doesn’t work with those that shunned her.

However, shortly after that conversation, Marendar attacked Serena, and though she held her own at first, their battle destroyed the city that she was staying in. The battle quickly began to take a turn for the worst, and she was nearly killed. Luckily, Saigon and his team, the toa Ultima, were still in the area, and they arrived just in time to save her and together they managed to make Marendar retreat, something that no other Toa team had yet managed to do. After that fight, Serena reluctantly joined the toa Ultima, realizing that no one was safe until the toa killer was defeated.

Alright, thanks for reading, hoped you like the series. Have a good day!


It’s amazing to be here to see the end. I loved these mocs.
Thanks for giving this series.


Thanks for sticking around to the end, sorry it took so long to finish. I’m glad you liked the team!


Very cool! The mask goes very well with the appendages on its sides, and the few gold armor pieces give her a very sleek appearance.
The backstory is quite good too!


What is that sticking off of Serena’s left leg?

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Idk, some kind of fin. I thought it looked cool when I built her three years ago. There’s one on the right leg too, you just can’t see it very well in any of the photos

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