"Toa" Vakiary - MoC

This is my unofficial self MoC.
Vakiary (Vah-Kar-Ee) is a toa of fire and is part of a team of 6 toa. People who have met Vakiary describe him as “Le-toa mix with a Mukata”. Vakiary is self-absorbed fashion maniac who regrets becoming a toa due to the numerous responsibilities that came with it. Vakiary started his life somewhere in the southern continents. When the insane turaga sent his mataron to Karzahni to be fixed. He sneaked off with 5 other matoran who later became part of his team. During his travels he got mutated into his current toa form. From this mutation his personality changed. Vakiary was now a fashion freak and a terrible person. He and his crew went around and tried to “help out” however they either failed, or got distracted.



Fight Pose:

If you have any suggestions let me know.


The build and color is good despite the basic limbs, but the top section is somewhat messy.

First time I’ve seen a silent vowel in a word/name.

It’s shoulders stick out a little too much IMO.

This is a pretty interesting moc. Its cool that your moc is implementing both “Classic” Bionicle and “CCBS” but I do think that with the custom torso you made makes it hard with the texture flow. I do like the color scheme and the overall concept of your character. I do though think that if your torso was “simplified” that it could make the ccbs flow more. Overall this I really like your character and hope to see further renditions of this moc.