Toa Velika?

Hi, Greg!
In The Kingdom Alternate Universe, we saw a Toa version of Velika, one who wasn’t secretly a Great Being posing as an inhabitant of the MU. Assuming that the Matoran featured in the main storyline had also been infused with Toa Power at the time of his creation (before the GB transferred his consciousness into him), would he then hypothetically be capable of undergoing the transformation as well, despite his mind belonging to that of an entirely different species? If he could, would he be able to manipulate Stone, provided his original body shared the same elemental affinity (a Skrall, maybe?), or use Kanohi? And if so, would said powers go with him upon returning to his organic form, similar to the Iden body-jumping example?
Now obviously, this is all just purely speculation, and I’m already not expecting it to be anywhere near canonical, but given that he was your favorite Matoran and all, I’d like to hear your opinion in regards to this nonetheless. Thanks again!


No. Because the AI also plays a role in the transformation, since it has to change in certain ways as well to enable the Toa to control Great Masks, wield elemental powers, etc. With the AI switched out, a transformation to Toa is not possible.

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