Toa vorobe, the corrupted

I’ve wanted to build a double sided body for the zevon mask of life I repainted to look creepy / diseased.

My idea s that his original mask was corrupted so badly it mutated into a second primitive beast mind in one body.


I rather like the legs but I feel that the reddish mask doesn’t completely fit with the trans green on the model.

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As I said the mask itself is seperate from the moc since it mutated itself into that.

Why did he dip his face in blood.

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i like the build quite a bit but the colors are a bit meh. still a good moc, but needs a few adjustments.

i don’t like the thin lower arms bulk up please.

Very cool

Vezon. I think that name works as an explanation

Spike toes on the first pic are uneven, you might want to fix that, aside from that I like it.

The mask is sooo awesome! But you should add some red details in other parts too. I mean, the fact that there is rust just in the head seems to be off.

Looks pretty good but might bee a bit more red

Thats a very good mask choice and shaping. Good job