Toa Vortrakk REVAMPED

I know this should probably be in the video section, but this video is to show photos of the Self Moc. Anyways, decided since I have some extra parts, why not revamp Toa Vortrakk aka the Toa of Ultimate Doom? So here it is.

Video Description:

So I decided why not do a revamp of my Self Moc, as I found more extra parts especially for bonus Stronius Parts. What's been upgraded you ask? Well 1. Jet boosters on back. 2. The waste doesn't flop as it's held in, but it can pop out and articulate at the waste. 3. A gun is stored on front of him. And 4. Just added some stuff.

Description: Toa Vortrakk is unpredictable, uneducated, sarcastic, and everything a toa doesn't stand for. However, he gained the trust of the Matoran to protect them from incoming danger, bringing doom to the doom bringers. His only weakness is his addiction to Kanohi masks.

Keep note: This may not be final, I might work on another name I'm not sure.


Lots of Mistika parts.

The moc looks cool even though all the slants and and close ups can make it hard to make out. stuck_out_tongue

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I have very mixed feelings about this MOC. On the one hand he looks cool and badass and on the other hand I don't know what I'm looking at. All the colours just seem to blend into one and it just becomes a mass of red, black and silver. It also doesn't help I can't make out his face. I do appreciate you trying to make a different mask, but I literally do not understand what is happening with his face. On the bright side, I love what you did with the weapons (on both arms) and the use of parts is wonderful. I think maybe adding more colourful pieces in will just help people understand what exactly they are looking at. Looking forward to the (maybe) final product? (also I would suggest using a white background if you have one)

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Nice moc! He definitely has that Mistika vibe to him. I swear he could crush any enemy he fought! Only thing I can't think of to upgrade is the... erm, well nothing really. Great moc and keep on mocing! smiley

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@ENDfilms Thanks, not good when it comes to slants but it gives him a weird look.

@RaggedClaws, I'm gonna sound like I'm having a rage moment, but I'm just clearing the air. I didn't want to add a lot of colors, he's the Toa of Ultimate Doom. I wanted his mask to flip up like this so he doesn't resemble too much of Onua Mistika. As for the look when it's positioned this way, well that can work as one of the jokes, as in his traits he's aware he's an 'unoriginal' and 'generic' MOC. As for the background, I don't want to bring out the white one I have. He could also be hard to see because A. Lighting. (You should've seen how dark the previous pics are.) 2. I'm not pointing out the details. 3. I suck at angles.

Thanks for the constructive criticism (which I think some people should learn about.) And as for the weapons, I love RWBY so I'm trying to find ways to not make just a sward of gun or anything like that.

@Aeros, whens Second? LoLz, thanks.

Might I point out, this was made from bonus pieces. Like I said I just bought extra Stronius parts to add to this... Also... made with bonus parts... teaser.

Update to @RaggedClaws I pulled out the white background for the Avatar, does it look better?


@ToaOfUltimateDoom Fantastic! I can finally see what he is all about! (Also, I too have a character who is jokingly generic, so that's now a thumbs up from me smiley)

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This guy is pretty good. I like the innovation with the gun/dagger/gunblade combo. Also, Fold out shredder claws!
The only thing I would change is the lower leg armor. I just have a personal preference against using big flat armor for skinnier legs.

Thanks. This armor actually covers the leg better then some of the others, and it transitions the black fairly well.

Bonus photos.


Very nice! I love that torso!

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