Toa Zaria

The Toa of Iron known as Zaria. This rendition of one of BIONICLE’s more vague characters wields a blade that can channel his elemental Iron powers and bears the Kanohi Rode, Great Mask of Truth. He was built for one of CBW’s CBBC #01: Zaria.


It’s good. I like it. The limited range of motion on the shoulders dings it pretty hard though.

The silver mask looks odd compared to the otherwise mostly gunmetal colors. Besides that, I like it. Simple yet effective.

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Огонь по готовности

I think the gunmetal and orange work well together but the silver leaves me conflicted. I don’t mind the fact that it’s there, but something feels likes its missing that takes away from the cohesion.

If anything, my biggest problem is the Nuva chestplate’s used as leg armor. In certain instances such a technique could work- but here it looks off.

Otherwise this is a pretty solid interpretation of Zaria!

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I like it, but the nuva armor on the legs looks a little weird, almost like bell-bottom jeans.


Nicely done! The MOC is done on a smaller scale, which is honestly a bit refreshing since I feel that some people have the need to make every single MOC a gigantic behometh. The only thing I would change is the silver coloring on both the mask and feet, it seems a bit out of place, but the rest of the colors flow well together.

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Nice moc, I like it

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Simple to be sure, but a good looking build and solid color distribution. A success.

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Nuva leg armor bothers me.

Anyway this is a great moc. Fits the bill for the character while looking nice to the eye.

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