ToaKylerak: Gear and Cybek

Here are my latest creation using spare pieces in my inventory.

The first one is Gear

Here's a back profile

Here he is again

And here is Gear with Cybek.
Note that I was running out of pieces and is just okay for now.


wow, those are really awesome. I would have never guessed you were running out of pieces.

What weapon is Gear holding? I've never seen that piece before.

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Love Gears weapon and the grebled eye piece. i also like Cybeks face.

The weapons I used were from the mistika Toa Onua for his right arm and his left is a wing from Gorast that I made for a blade.

@Matoro Also I haven't taken apart all most of my other mocs yet so I have to make do, but it makes it more challenging. I used most of my arm and leg pieces so I do try mo make custom arms and legs sometimes.

@Greencapps Yah I like the heads too. I wanted them to be a bit more original.

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Oh my god Gear and Cybek are amazing although I'm not a fan of Cybek's mask.

@Detox It's more of a head since Cybek isn't organic but a robot.

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