ToaKylerak ipad art

I hope you guys enjoy some of my artwork. They are just a few fun illistrations I made on my spare time.

“Ahkmou Ninja”


“Hewkii <3 Macku”

These pictures were made on my ipad.


Thank Mata Nui, another Hewkii x Macku shipper.
Looks nice. :slight_smile:

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Thanks it was one of those have to do pics.

Kylerak, what have you done…

Just kidding, bro. I’m glad people finally get to see your art!

Did you use a tablet pen for this?

As a eyewitness to seeing him draw it (I’m his brother), I can answer that. No, he did not use a tablet pen for that. He used his fingers and a certain program on it. I cannot remember the name of it… Perhaps ToaKylerak can tell you.

Nope, just raw finger skills.

I love your artwork, especially the “Macku <3 Hewkii” picture!
You are very talented considering this was just with your fingers and not a tablet pen for this!

Hahli Mahri was so ■■■■■■… I wish she didn’t have lime-green pieces

You did this on an Ipad? You’re amazing!

Thanks, I may make more pics for the future as well.

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Here’s my new drawing of Turaga Vakama.


That one impresses even more than the others. I am a fan.

Yeah that took me about an hour or so-ish to make.

in the words of Ven MOAR BIONICLE (pictures)!!!

I like how you did Hahli

Ahkmou should NEVER be a ninja! WUT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!? :laughing: