ToaKylerak Moc: Takanuva

Let me know what you think. Here is a moc of Takanuva. He is more of a "revamp".


wow. great job. keeps everything that was great about Takanuva and makes it scale with post-2003 sets.

So you finally had the guts to put it on here, as well. smile

This is one of my favorite MOCs you have made, bro. But my opinion should not count, since we are related and I can be biased.

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Excellent, one of the best reboots I've ever seen.

Love the way you dealt with the color scheme. Just the right amount of gold to make it seem like the original but not too much that it looks silly.

Really liked this modern update of Takanuva. Looks great. My only bug is that the upper leg seems a bit too bulky, and you could change the feet up a bit, since they're the same as the previous version I think.

When I made this I wanted the moc to still have the feel of the set. He needed to be the right amount of gold and white. I purposely made him have mata feet because I felt like that kept part of his personality as well as the shoulders. Thanks for all your comments.

This is the new bike I made for Takanuva. Enjoy!


now that is impressive. I've tried creating a vehicle a couple of times, but it's never really worked. props to you for finding a non-Toa use for the Mata body too.

He's pretty creative. And he made that in under 2 hours!


I found this on Google a while ago and tried to get a general idea of how mine was gonna look off of this, but it is pretty cool...


looking through old posts. Sees MOC. "nice." Sees Ussanui. drools.


The build of the toa is awesome, smiley
Looks like the original, but better.