ToaKylerak: The Timeless One

Here is a moc I made of a great mask maker. He guards the temple of time and can alter reality to fit his many destinies.

This is based off of a canon character, try to guess who it is.


I like it... can't really think of much else to say..

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This Moc is absolutely amazing, I aint gonna lie. The proportions are spot-on, the armor placement is perfect, and his weapon and head look awesome. Try adding a bit more gold to his torso to even out the colour scheme. Also try bulking up the feet, for they look kinda awkward. The hands look kinda weird too (they look like edwardscissor hands in my opinion), try making the hands look less metallic, by adding some red...But other than that, it looks great!

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Really nice; like the design for the chest/shoulder armor and the staff.

Looks like an okay MOC... I personally find Titans really hard to make cohesive. The limbs are okay (a bit skinny for his massively bulked torso), and the feet are passable, but I can't bring myself to like the torso. It's way out of proportion to his limbs. There are two directions you can go with this -- make the limbs a lot bulkier, or make the torso more slender, which I would suggest is the better option. Also, do something about the old gold -- give him more on the torso and arms, or make the Vahi the only old gold part on him.

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"The Timeless One" all I can think of is the precursor under that name

It's based off a canon character? hm... frantically stats checking BS01

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Is it Voporak?

The build kind of reminds me of Makuta Icarax.

Dies laughing at the mask

sorry, but that mask looks rediculous,


I'm not a fan of the hand design(even on takanuva) I like the staff though,
I do like the overall design of him, he looks like he could handle my teridax moc, which I think is a good 5-6 heads over this guy(so he looks powerful),
also the look of this armor is really nice, though it looks like his shoulders are really limited, and his waist is really thin.

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Really cool, and... So big! Some may complain the godl is kind of just "there" but I happen to like it which is rare since 90% of the time I stick to a strict colour scheme. Really good job!

Is he based off of umbra? Anyways, this is an awesome moc. I like the head.

I like the mask. He was truly trying to show me how to make a custom head, because I was failing at it, so he made that head, which turned out pretty good.

To thus their own, though.

Also, guys, i'll give you a hint: It's not Voporak. This guy is a living, breathing creature who created time itself.

Well Vakama created the mask of time which if destroyed would destroy time itself (I think)
So you could say he made time, Whole
Is it Vakama!?

Does it have to be Vakama? Other beings could create time, too...

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Got it. It's Mata Nui. Remember when he created the time-stop so that the Order of Mata Nui could hide the Av-Matoran throughout the universe, from the Brotherhood of Makuta? The time-stop lasted a few months, I think. Yeah, that's some serious messing with time.

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It's not just messing with time, though. He's literally the one who CREATED it. He controls it, monitors it. He is the one in charge of time.

I'm gonna make a random guess thats no doubt wrong before going to BS01. Is it tren krom?

Nah. He's bio mechanical and organic.

Vakama: "For he who controls time controls reality -- controls everything." On the Mask of Time; both Tahu and Vakama wore it.

The Great Being that touched the Mask of Life once froze Vezon in temporal space.

I can't find anything on anyone that created time itself, though.

Does it have to be exactly like a character? This can be an alternate version of a character.

Hmm... an alternate version of a character that is biomechanical and created time itself.



I have no idea.