Toast-E: Protector of Quiznos

Another entry, this time the protector of Quiznos, because that poor company needs a protector, am I right? Does anyone remember them? are they even still around? I remember them, but they have nearly entirely left my state so…yeah… He comes equipped with a Toasty flame thrower to make those delicious subs mmmmm Toasty!

His colors are based off of this…


what’s Quiznos?

Anyhow, the mod is well done. I like the techniques done here and the color scheme is done very well.


Looks good. Never ate that, though. @SwagMeister it’s a pizza place.

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No, it’s a sandwich place. Also, nice moc XD

Really nice, I like his weapon design a lot.

Aw yeah return of the Ben 10 spike add-ons!

This makes me crave a sub.

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Someone needs to make Jimmy John’s and Subway Protectors to complete the sandwich trio.


It has a very interesting color scheme

Seeing as Quiznos is probably bankrupt, I think this guy failed his job.

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