ToaVoriki's moc artwork (just sketches for now)

I've had a block of inspiration for a while, so I just decided to draw a few portraits of my mocs. Over time I will add more images and hopefully update some old ones.

First off we have Toa Voriki:

Toa Voriki Moc:

Next up we have an old moc I made, Wichal:

Here's the moc of him:

well that's all I got for now, hopefully in time I can add color, shading, and do some touch ups on them :smile:


Is it just me or does the mouth on the Voriki drawing vaguely resemble a beak?

Nice drawings on the whole though!

yeah I can see it, it's just that the mask is designed that way :confused:

It looks like you really like to slim things down but I gotta say this is pretty good.