Today's Sketchdump with tak

So I’m going to do a Audi-series in which I’ll be doing just random sketches I do that’s not just bionicle or related too it. I think I’ll just call it “Today’s Sketchdump”.
So I’ll be finally showing me stuff I just sketch for fun and putting dates on them. And yes I do my dates dd/mm/yy and not mm/dd/yy, so sorry lol. Hope everyone enjoys and please feel free to critic!

Today’s sketch is:
A couple versions of @prpldragon,
Chibi @exxtrooper(based of prpl’s design)
Party pug,
Chibi tak,
Quick sketch of mad max(like really quick, I wish this one would have turned out better but yolo!),
Helioskrill helmet from halo 5,
Pink guy,
And a sketch based off one of @Ghosty’s older moc.
#More soon!


10/10 pink guy is bae


these are cute


Chibi Tak is amazing! :laughing:

Love the pug.

These are awesome! Can’t wait to see more.

Funny you post this because i just revamped this particular MOC recently.


Another fine job, I particularly like how you drew mad max.

I love the little Tak, and also the pug…

He’s super adorable.

Lots of very cool little sketches.
Dang it. Must resist cute Exx.

Today’s random sketch, my Spartan in halo 5:


Cool! From what I’ve seen, that’s pretty accurate! :smiley:

Its good

But I don’t play Halo 5

So I will just wait for what is in store next

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I’m jelly of your stance.

As it should b…