TOGtB/BEU pronounciation discrepancies?

I was reading through the The Official Guide to BIONICLE, and I noticed many of the pronounciations do not match those in the BIONICLE Encylopedia - Updated, when one of my friends pointed out that the pronounciations in his copy of TOGtB are also different.

Full list of the differences:
Word | TOGtB ver1 | TOGtB ver2 | BEU
Bohrok | BOE-rok | BOE-rok | BOH-rock
Gahlok | GAH-lok | GAH-lahk | GAH-lahk
Kongu | KON-goo | KAHN-goo | KAHN-goo
Kohrak | KOH-rak | KOH-rak | KOH-rahk
Lehvak | LAY-vak | LAY-vak | LAY-vahk
Lewa | lay-WAH | lay-WAH | LAY-wah
Maku/Macku | mah-KOO | mah-KOO | MAH-koo
Matoran | mat-OR-ran | mat-OR-ran | mat-OAR-an
Nuhvok | NOO-vok | NOO-vahk | NOO-vohk
Nuparu | new-PAH-roo | new-PAH-roo | noo-PAH-roo
Onewa | oh-NEE-wah | oh-NOO-wah | AH-new-wah
Pahrak | PAH-rak | PAH-rak | PAH-rahk
Panrahk | PAN-rahk | PAHN-rahk | PAHN-rahk
Rahi | RAH-hee | RAH-hee | rah-HEE
Tahnok | TAH-nok | TAH-nahk | TAH-nahk
Tarakava | TAH-rah-kah-vah | TAH-rah-kah-vah | tah-RAH-kah-VAH
Vorahk | VOH-rahk | VOH-rahk | VOH-rock

  1. Why were they changed?
  2. Which ones would be considered canon?
  3. While I do not have the original BIONICLE Encyclopedia, assuming there are differences in that book, what would their canonocity be?

My TOGtB says MAH-koo, LAY-vahk, PAH-rahk (it matches TOGtB ver 2 on all the rest)
It’s a 12th print.


My copyof TOGtB says BOE-rahk.

I do :slight_smile:

The original Encyclopedia has NOO-vahk, discrepant from what you have on the updated encyclopedia, my updated encyclopedia also has NOO-vahk
All the rest are the same, except Vorahk, who is strangely absent.



Thank you for pointing this out, Willess! there may have been several iterations in that case. Vorahk being absent from the BE explains why his pronounciation was changed and no longer matches the BEU, because it was made anew.

Apparently I noted own Macku and Nuhvok wrong; they should be MAH-koo for all three and NOO-vahk for the BEU as well. It is a possibility that Pahrak, Kohrak and Lehvak are simply something my friend missed. I also missed adding Kohrak, Bohrok and Gahlok to the list above, but have done so now.

There is also one other difference we noticed between the versions, being that ver1 has Pahrak Va’s image replaced by a Lehvak Va.

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The reason for those discrepencies is probably because some dialects of English merge the short o and the aw sound into one.