Tohu, toa of embers

Before you comment on the name, saying something like “oh he changed one letter and used the same mask, he must really be unoriginal and a big ol’ dum,” check this and enter “mercy” in it.
Good? Good. /s

Anyways, he’s named Mercy because I made the wings and was like, “oh. Cool. Mercy wings… kinda.”

Don’t worry, MY beam heals you for negative health

Iunno. In case anyone has noticed, I’m making a toa team that’s half clone builds, half original.
So far people don’t like them that much, but I kinda have to finish it at this point :\


Pretty nice. Love the wings!


Really cool dude ! Fire canons is siiick !

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I really like this MOC! I like the torso and the wings. And the weapon is neat too.

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I have one question:

Is he…



Alright its pretty good, the feet could use some better color matching but whatever.
whats really confusing me though is why is the post titled “tohu” when he’s called mercy?

Also I think the spike on the head looks really dumb but whatever.

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He has a flamethrower AND a jetpack! Yeah, I know they’re wing,but still Infinite yes.

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The only other color I had was a metru blue :\

He’s called Tohu, I was just iterating that I chose the Maori word for “mercy” because the wings looked like those of Overwatch’s Mercy. Sorry for the confusion.

All mocs should have a head spike

No but foreal that head was on a different moc that needed the spike, and I just didn’t take it off cause eeh.

Well, it’s technically a jetpack, yes. After all, the tube for the flamethrower is going directly into it :3

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Dark souls reference

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Okay my bad, nothing in the post indicated that its the Maori word for mercy.

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Did -
Did my hyperlink not work? What happened when you clicked the hyperlink?

It just took me to google, not google translate.

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Well that’s… strange. It takes me to the translate. I guess there was no way for me to have known if you got the same thing, but that’s weird.

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oh he changed one letter and used the same mask, he must really be unoriginal and a big ol’ dum
p.s. I did check the hyperlink.
You didn’t tell us not to type that. :wink:


Ya outplayed me there, son.


I like the weapon though not the biggest fan of the MOC to be honest. The legs are rather thin and spindly, the body seems too thin for the upper segment and while the wings are nice if they are stationary then it looks a little strange.

He looks pretty good, but feels a bit too skinny to me

the shoulders are way too far from his body, but other than that looks cool