Tokama, The Lady Of The Lake

Hello, all!

This is Tokama, The Lady Of The Lake, my G2 Self MOC, she is a G2 version of my G1 self MOC, Tokama, Toa Of water (not in evidence).

Thousands of years ago, when Skull Raiders pillaged the Water Village, its Protector, Tokama, was slain in battle by the vile Skull Basher. As her son let her body and cherished golden sword float out to sea, the following night, it was pulled down by a mysterious force; bathed in Akida’s elemental light, Tokama was reborn as the creature’s guardian, and a spirit of the Water Region.

She leaped from the water, her unbreakable golden sword shimmering in the moonlight, freckled with droplets of water. She crashed to the ground and stood up; she proclaimed “I am Tokama! The Guardian of Akida, the spirit of the Water Region, The Lady Of The Lake!”



Ready for battle

Ready for Battle 2

She found a mask

Fighting time!


Turn around 1

Turn around 2

Turn around 3

Turn around 4

Turn around 5

Turn around 6

Turn around 7

Turn around 8

Neck design!

Thank you all for taking a look, I’ll reply to comments in the morning, I’ll see you all next time!

All the best, Jasmine <3


Video has not been made, when it is finished, I’ll replace this sentence with a link to it.



I can see where you two are coming from, sadly I’ve bound myself to keep the same mask as my G1 self MOC, so the Gali similarity is inevitable. Thanks for commenting! <3

Thanks! The SHREDDER CLAWS do angle the hands inward a little which makes them look pretty odd, similar situation with the knees. Thanks for commenting. <3


Overall, I like this, but some images make the hands look a little awkward, and that sheath could use some work, but I like the color scheme and how she looks.

It looks like 2015 gali. That’s pretty much it. Do something to give this MOC it’s own identity. Otherwise, it’s pretty bland.

Seconded. Maybe give it a G1 Mask to distinguish her, or give some new unique color.