TOME - Terrain Of Magical Expertise

Terrain of Magical Expertise, or just "TOME" is an animated webseries created by Chris Niosi about a virtual reality videogame in the year 2020. It tells the story of five players resisting against many hackers, and a computer virus known as the Forbidden Power, which can harm players in real life.

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I need to catch up on this series, I really liked it.

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Oh yeah, make your own Nylocke meme here:

So it appears that this is the series finale of TOME. What do you all think?

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Dang. I haven't really been keeping up with TOME, but now I wanna catch up.

Thanks for fixing my post, Slime stuck_out_tongue

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Oh my god
I teared up so many times in the final episode
at some points was anticlimactic
but then it made up for it
I give the series an 8.5/10.

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If it wasn't for the last episode, I probably would have written this off as a mediocre show. But the finale definitely solidified my opinion of it. While it could have used some work, it's definitely a good show.

And besides, who can't love Nylocke?

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I am surprised I found Tome on here ...just wow...but the show really has a lot of meanings to me over each viewing Kirb's really made a great show out of this. The show may of ended a few months ago but what made it great was the people in it and the story.
Also it helps knowing one of the voice actors too Gamecrazed but other than that aside Kirb the creator of the show was a huge fan of Bionicle he has a video about it you all should give it a watch it is really good.

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