Toms Barvado

Among my most recently posted MOCs, this one may have the most unique build. So I’ll show him off here first.

Toms Barvado is a hero in his realm of Varmaea, although not as popular
as he would like to be. He wanders across the realm and beyond in search
of adventure, exploring places never trod by the common traveler,
facing foes unconquered by any warrior (some of which he didn’t beat
either). Toms even accepts missions from citizens of the realm, his only
condition being that the mission be at least slightly challenging and potentially exciting. Toms believes that there is no height or depth, no villain or monster, no
single foe or horde, that he can not conquer (even after he has been

Check out my “New Generation” gallery at for backstory and other information on Toms Barvado. Also, feel free to look at my other MOCs.


Neat, but I don’t like the avohkii. Try finding another mask.

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I works for me. Great job.

unless this gets a new mask, thing’s bugging me

simple but nice

I don’t have much to say; I guess the proportions are wonky.

it’s a SD not-takanuva.

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Little strongman with cartoony proportions, I like it!

Popeye / 10


Ya I also like the goofy look, it’s a neat little guy.


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I’ve kind of considered that, but may I ask what exactly you don’t like about the mask?

It’s an avohkii. It’s quite overused, even if the mask does look good.

Hmm, fair enough.

Reminds me of Dwarves from TLotR.

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