Topalayla The Robot Top 2.0

This is a new Revamped Moc!

I did make some changes to her. So if you’re interested I will have the link to the old Moc topic down below so you can see the old Moc. I did make plenty of spelling mistakes and a little bit of weird grammar so you have been warned.

Topalayla The Robot Top 2.0

Topalayla is a robot top that was made for “Project Humans and Robots” but she was the only robot made. There were plans to have more but it was cancelled. Her personality: she’s a sly cool sassy girl very creative has a great sense of humor and she’s a nerd. Topalayla has a pet snail named Rusty.

Her hobby’s are: making music, playing video games and making machines

Her friends: Rusty, her Creator, and Mr. Gumball

Her weaknesses are: she hates being rushed and she barely sleeps

She has a band called The Rusty Vibration’s.

The leg like attachments are her stabilizers. It helps her to control her direction and helps her to stay in place without moving her top to stay in place. She uses her stabilizers to sleep as well.

Fun Facts

She is a Slytherin. Her favorite games: the Potal series, Overwatch, Parappa the rapper, Um Jammer Jimmy, Beat Saber, Legend of Zelda series, Pokémon, The Sims, Wario Ware series, and plenty more.

Favorite movies: Spider-Man into the spider-verse, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Nightmare before Christmas, The Brave Little Toaster and plenty more. Favorite shows: Seinfeld, Phineas and Ferb, How it’s Made, The Mythbuster’s, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Digimon, Courage The Cowley Dog, And Foster Homes for Imaginary Friends, and more. Lastly Favorite Manga: Yotsuba!

Stabilizers closed

Stabilizers open


Topalayla and Mr Gumball

Topalayla gaming

Topalayla singing

She can attach different backpacks on to her back. This is her speaker backpack.

Topalayla changing her spill

Topalayla sleeping

Please leave your thoughts i love to hear it! Critiques are welcomed.


Cool. Can she actually spin well or is she too off balance or fragile to do so?

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Very nice! I like the inclusion of that little snail, it reminds me if the old LEGO Creator Designer videos, were they had a snail that was built in the exact same way.


Looks nice and steampunky. Very, very cool design.

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Yeah I did take the build from the LEGO designer videos it’s just really a nice way to build a snail so I thought why not.

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Thanks man!

@Kanohi_Cantri No. She’s not meant to be actually spohn.

So how exactly does she walk?

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@Hawkflight “The leg like attachments are her stabilizers. It helps her to control her direction.” Basically she spills her top around but the stabilizers helps her control her movements. I hope that answers your question.


Hey this is pretty good!

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