Topic times broken

Not sure what's caused this, but Steve is continuing to be freaky. Tried checking on a different computer and still the same issue. Can anyone help fix the time problem - as it means I'm constantly being bombarded by the same topics I've read and commented on because it doesn't register I've read them.

FIXED it for myself, however if anyone else is having the same issue please comment and we'll try and suggest ways to help :3


Wow. That is pure strange.

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That's so weird. It's not happening to me.



Have you checked the computer's time?


Yeah, your computer might think it's the year 3062.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried it on several computers and they all have the same issue.

Current time/display on my computer lists it as the following;

So don't think its that, topics have the correct information also when opened. Its just that display and with those topic it wont register they've been read.

I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed... but they live underwater


I see the problem now.

It's cause you're still in February.



Maybe it's a...
I have no idea what the problem is


Me neither, not sure anyone else has it, but I've done everything physically possible on my end including switching computers... so i don't know what else to do :L


I wonder if it's a problem with you account. This may be worth the Mods looking into.

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I think this is more a job for the big guns.

@IllustriousVar @Kahi @Mesonak @Eljay


Ya as much as I'd like to think us mods are gods, I don't control time (yet) XD.

I'm not sure what's goin on, as said below, is anyone would know, prob gonna be Kahi or Var.


Or direction it seems :wink: /s

Though thanks for commenting, hopefully the other staff have an idea of what's causing this, because I'm stumped ><


Yeah. I saw this a while back, but I don't think it's happening right now.

Scar confirmed time traveler?


It all makes sense now...

I wondered how he got the 2016 news he got...


Actually that has nothing to do with it. Steve always shows the same topics regardless of if you've read or commented on them.

While this kinda sucks for you, I can't really see this as being anything more than an annoyance. Like if you really need to know when the topic was last updated, you can check the last post.

That said, I did do a bit of snooping around in your profile and didn't see anything irregular. You say you've tried multiple computers, but does that mean in multiple places? If not, it could possibly be an issue with your internet.

But again, this really shouldn't be that big of an issue for your everyday browsing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, i mean it doesn't register that I've read those topics. Even if I'm the most recent commenter it always shows up as a ton of unread comments. So it always shows up 80 unread comments or something like that, which just makes it seem like its not registering what I'm reading.

Mmh, not sure what would be up with the internet to cause that? Any ideas?

On Steve? Or elsewhere?

Maybe try going to a library or somewhere that has public access to computers and see if it changes. I'm just spitballing though, I have like 0 technical knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea says that for me too!!!!! I AM SCARED AND I DRANK TOO MUCH MIST. But all in serooiusness it says that on mine too.