Tordax The Reaper Makuta Of Death

Tordax has Finally awaken his true powers after finding the tre Mask of legends, 1 the Mask of Creation, two the Mask of Control (aka golden skull spider mask) and finally the Mask of Faith (aka original Mask of Control) Using the Mask of Faith he created a new body for himself and with the new body got an even stronger power then he had befor he where sealed of with in the world of shadows.
With his new powers he took small piece’s from each legendary mask and started drain there powers concentrating them into the small piece’s creating a new mask that combined the powers of Creation, Faith and Control he made the Mask of Death the Ultimate mask.

Wrighter note
‘‘Now I will not put in more backstory for this version then this at the moment, if you want me too I can post a little more Character information but at the moment this is all I will add, now for what you have been waiting for the Pictures I will start of with a these tre picture’s showing the evolution of this character’’
Original form (with tre heads just have them hidden in this photo, for more pictures check out the post 2010 Bionicle Galactic Moc’s Part 3 villans)

Second form and first CCBS version. (recolored, + for more picture’s and information for this form check out the post Tordax The Reaper Makuta Of Blindness

And now the final form. (Action shot front)



(Costum Bone Piece’s for the legs)

Weapon,The Scythe of Limbo. (depending on what way the head points he can eaither straight up kill his opponent of send there spirite’s into a form of limbo)
Henche the LP rings the upper one is for Death and the lower one is Limbo as it is stuck between 1 and 0. (Left is Death Right is Limbo

Look at the other side of the weapon.

Some more shots of Tordax

And one with out the weapon.

And now for my Favorite Picture (here he is creating the mask of Death


These honestly remind me of the Trodax species by @DG_Eddie - quite similar in name, design and goals.

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It looks a lot like a skinnier and purple-er UTD, TBH.
The concept is neat, tho.

Never seen his work befor.

First The name Tordax was given to him at the start of the year, as I feelt that naming him Reaper where just to boring and I wanted to make a spin name for Terradax the original Evil makuta and this guys dad, Yes Tordax started of as a 7th Rakshi, hench why the green one has a Rakshi head and back.

The bone struckture is 75% based on a moc named Stippalo by playStippling from youtube, I just made a custom bone peice, as well as some other minor details that can not be seen because of the armor, resun why I only show off the custom bone peice as thats somthing I really had to work with in order to give it form

Also at first I wanted to enter him into the Makuta build contest but I knew right away after seeing some of the works here that I would have no chance and so did not enter.

Here are links to the other page’s with more information about Tordax.

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It is nice to see other people make MOCs like this. Also, if you are unfamiliar with my work on the Trodax as a species, it’s alright, I’m still working on expanding the Trodax universe as a whole. But. I’m here to talk about your MOC.

I need to stress this: I love the application of your “custom bone piece” in the leg. Makes kind of unusual armor placement, but I like it. The weapon, while I can see the resemblance of a scythe, I have accidentally mistaken it as a pickaxe. Good design, but I think, if you have a better piece, please swap the turqoise (is that how it’s spelled?) out for a dark grey. It breaks the colour flow, and I can’t seem to find any of that colour on the MOC aside from the weapon. If it’s something that the weapon needs, I can totally respect that. And finally, the creation of the Mask of Death: I really like the picture. It could make a really cool design.

Eddie out.

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To awnser this I do have a solid purple version of it, but cant remember where I put the plastic bag where thouse piece’s are where put, though I do plan to switch out the piece for one that can be there in a better way, I at the moment dont have said piece,

Also thanks for liking the moc, and specialy the custom bone piece I agree that it give’s an unusual armor placemeent but I wanted to add in that picture in case any one would come up with a better or cooler way to add armor on it.

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Love the first one. 14/10

Made an update to the weapon taking away the turqoise for a black piece.

Thanks still have intact.

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