Toxxorus, My second MOC on the internets

This is my second MOC on the boards, here he is!

I'm quite proud of him, being one of my first MOCs with a custom torso. cuz I'm just starting at mocing

Side shot

Back shot

And a closer shot of his weapon, which is kinda modeled off of a double barreled shotgun a bit.
Comments and criticism would be appreciated!


I think the build is fine, not too special but good. However....those tiny red lines bother me... Still nice though.


Textures are kinda clashy and all over the place (smooth CCBS, greebly metru leg, vine gresh armor, trans upper arms) and the Torso could be less blocky (try widening the chest). Nice gun though

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Nice! It's nothing too complicated, but it works here! The only things that bother me are those small red lines on the back (though it can be argued that it compliments the red pins) and just how high the gun goes.

All in all, I like the mask, nice job! :smiley:


Yeah, the gun had to be raised cuz it would'nt fit at it's normal height

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It's pretty basic and the textures clash.

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It looks like a small Tuma. Overall though the moc seems solid for a smaller size figure.