Tqhahlj the Giant + Gen Ra the Swordsman

Two champions locked in battle

Giant front

Giant back

Giant comparison shot- '03 Terridax '01 Lewa

Giant pose

Swordsman front

Swordsman comparison- '03 Terridax '01 Lewa

Swordsman pose

Swordsman no helmet

Swordsman vs Giant

Giant vs Swordsman

So Gen Ra was built a few months ago, originally over a year ago for L.A. Miranda on Mocpages.
Tqhahlj was started two days from, and finished the morning I posted this.
For those who want to know, the Giant’s name is pronounced Kalge.

I am sleepy goodnight.


it’s like shadow of the colossus or something!

Giant villain and tiny hero! Wonderful contrast


These are both great! 9.8/10!

I love the difference in height.
I guess it’s just to be expected today that the villains will always be bigger than the heroes.
This, however, makes me disregard that. This is great; I love it! :smile:


Technically neither one of them is a villain. Like how a general on either side of a war is a hero to their people.
I mean, Gen Ra could even be the one with more sinister motives.

AMAZING! and yea…that little guy looks to be plotting something.

That Giant MOC, I need him…

That eye though!

I love the loin cloth…