Tranon, Assassin of Delta Nui, My self-moc

Hello all! I thought I'd throw in some pictures of my self moc for your viewing pleasure.

Heres a shot of that lovely back. Kinda wish I had the cape that came with Furno XL, but I'm cheap and lazy.
Tranon's legs are fairly spiky, because spiky things are cool.

Here's Tranon's manly chest. Also, HEARTLIGHT FTW!

Here's a shot of the lower arm. The spear pieces are meant to be crossbow bolts.

Here's Tranon's sexy mugshot, along with his upper arms that I...borrowed... from Nikra and tweaked.

This is Tranon with his crossbow. I would have uploaded more photos, but I'm too lazy to resize the images.

My wall must have made Tranon angry, as he is currently trying to shoot it.

Here's Tranon with his shortswords. He will gut you like a fish, bub.

"My sword? F**k yeah I know how to use it. What's to understand about swish, swish, stab? It's a f**king sword dude, not a fighter jet."

In this shot, Tranon is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Tranon also has hidden blades because why the hell not?

I'll end this on a cool picture of Tranon murdering my camera. C&C APPRECIATED


this is awesome. the Von Nebula mask is really useful.

It really is. I rarely see it used as an actual mask, however, because it makes great armor.

Wow that's a great moc. You found a use for that Von Nebula mask that I still have in my Bionicle mocing bin. ~Detox

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sees this and gets amazed

Wow! Despite the black and the lighting, this is a lovely moc! Excellent armor placement and nice mask! Love the cape. If you could've gotten a better background though, but still this looks awesome!

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