Transformers: Alternate Reality Contest

So I had an idea… to make a contest. about transformers in an alternate reality.

So here’s how it works. I will put up a list of transformers, and the participants will choose a transformer, and then create an alternate reality version of said transformer.
I’ll be the judge.
If you could @ me when you post your entries, that would be great. Also, you can use LDD but you have to design it in such a way that it would be able to transform.


  • LDD is allowed
  • Entry must be able to transform
  • only one entry per participant, until further notice
  • you must choose a transformer from the list, a.nd then notify me of your choice
  • add an alternate reality bio for chosen character
  • post your entries here, and @ me.

So, that’s pretty much it. When I get around 4 or so people signed up, I’ll post the list and then start the contest! good luck!


Gonna have to shut this down, unfortunately, as this breaks a couple of rules according to Amendment III of the trend topic guidelines


Since there are no prizes listed or discussed, the contest cannot go on


As you are only a protector, unfortunately, you are unable to host a contest