Transformers combiner wars

Here is where you can talk about combiner wars. The only figure I’ve ever bought from the series is motormaster

i have the g2 Bruticus, and Victorian,and if you count unite warriors i own that Devastator and Ruination. they’re all fun figures, though the repaints got annoying after a bit.

One thing i don’t like is how some of the combiner wrists are just hoods of a car

what do you mean?

Look at the part where victorions hands come out of. Notice how it just looks like part of a car

that’s not the hood, but i see what you’re saying.

It’s also on one of menasors arms I think

non of those limbs use the front for the wrist connection, correct me if i’m wrong but only the rook mold does so.

Yup, that’s what I meant

There’s also the Trailbreaker retool from Offroad