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Oh, I think I get it. I look forward to seeing what you have in store…

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ooh what do you have in mind? Edit: ah that seems pretty cool.

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Name: Firestorm

Homeworld: Cybertron (he was born there but hasn’t really been around since Unicron was vanquished)

Subspecies/Type: Headmaster Minicon and a Two Spark.

Appearance: Same as in the last RP he was in and with the Knight Armor.h

Equipment, Weapons and Abilities: has a sword and a Plasma Launcher Cannon for his combat purposes. He has abilities over fire and uses them with precision and they are more focused. Has a device he calls the Three-Dimensional Movement Gear or 3DM Gear for short that allows him to grapple around like a character from Attack on Titan. Has several extremely small and very potent Energon Fusion Reactors within his body that power his fire abilities and each one takes 3 standard cubes to recharge fully.

He can highjack the bodies of those he kills, the catch is he has to highjack it pretty fast or the corpse is useless to him, and can use his abilities through the body for a short while. When he is done, he infuses a small amount of the Plasmafied Energon and gets the heck away from the body before it explodes.

Alt. Mode: same as the one from his last RP.

Bio: one of the Original Knights. He was a pacifist and hated the fact he was built to wage war but bucked up and did his job anyway and to the best of his ability as he knew oblivion awaited them all if they failed.

He was a kind soul and wanted to live out his days in peace but his duty prevented that. He always sought to find diplomatic solutions to problems but knows that it won’t always be successful, especially when Terrorcons are the opponent.

He was one of the smallest Knights and was affected when he highjacked some Terrorcons due to their Dark Energon content. This resulted in being tempted to act like they do: spread wanton destruction indiscriminately in battle and cause chaos.

He was able to stave this temptation off with the help of the other Knights and The Primes.

In the final battle, he was forced to fight Ramjet and almost lost. What happened was that Ramjet sent a small amount of Dark Energon into his head and planted a psychic “seed” of sorts that was supposed to cause him to go mad and become a sort of servant to the Heralds. This was thwarted by the opening of The Matrix but he didn’t come out unscathed as part of that seed and the Dark Energon were planted in him.

In the ensuing chaos, a rift opened and he was dragged into it and was damaged.

The only thing that was left of him was a scrap of his body’s natural armor, causing the others to believe he was dead.

In this fall through time and space (pretty much falling through the Shadow Zone) the seed took root and used his darker impulses to destroy and cause chaos to take form and life. In the struggle, they managed to strike an impasse and the new personality realized that its goal was inachievable due to the nonexistent connection he had to Unicron because the planting was incomplete by a large margin. The two entered a mutually symbiotic relationship of Firestorm being the peaceful one while the other personality was the one that was used in battles when they needed to end things brutally.

Firestorm feels the call of Unicron’s Antispark when it arrives on Cybertron but wasn’t able to join the Heralds due to the taming of the other personality. As a result he got spat out on Micronus Prime’s colony world of Vergrandis. Here, he has been trying to adjust to the fact he has missed several hundred million years of Cybertronian history and is taking refuge and sanctuary in the world’s Basilica/ Allspark Temple while he adjusts to it all.

Name: Dark Firestorm

Homeworld: Cybertron

Type/Subspecies: None; is a manifestation of Firestorm’s dark half.

Appearance: Same as in the last RP.

Abilities, Weapons and Equipment: Similar to Firestorm but cannot highjack unless the two are both in sync. His fire abilities, opposite to Firestorm’s, are more powerful and more focused on destroying like crazy.

Has Firestorm’s sword and gun but not the 3DM Gear. He can also separate from Firestorm for a short time, 5 minutes tops, and possess his armor. When the time limit is up or he returns in general, the armor teleports back to Firestorm. This is due to some residual energy of Ramjet. This is the only thing that is a result. The problem is that this ability has a 30 minute cool down. (And I just realized I totally based this on the level mechanics for Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Bio: Born of darkness and his host, Dark Firestorm’s original goal was to eliminate Firestorm’s mind and Spark and take the body for his own and serve Unicron. However, the Matrix was opened and Unicron defeated before he had been fully “planted” into his victim. In their seemingly eternal fall through time and space, he battled for control and dominance of the body with Firestorm but was defeated after they realized that they were at an impasse. As a result, they decided to work together as Dark was pretty much cast out and forgotten by those who were his masters and because he failed his mission.

The two share the body and are on relatively good terms; they squabble on occasion but they don’t get too heated.

Updated Bio: after helping save the universe, Dark Firestorm was made his own being through Primus’s power. Now, he and Firestorm teach Ancient Military History and has been living on the outskirts to get away from the city a bit. He’s also gotten some upgrades, primarily a new energy shield to boost his defenses and everything else has been upgraded to be up to modern standards.

Equipment gained from TOTGA: a pair of energy swords, one with a smooth edge and the other with a very jagged edge. He got a Transtector from Muto and it has a cannon and fighter alt mode alongside his robot mode.

Resembles Galvatron from POTP/Combiner Wars.

Home: Cybertron

@Chromeharpoon you called for some fire.


Firestorm (both of them) is accepted!

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alrighty, i think i’m gonna join, but a few final questions beforehand:

  • you’ve done pretty good describing things, but i would like to know which (if any) universal cluster this tale would fall under. it sounds like it could fall under any of them, honestly.
  • what information should my character(s) be aware of? this is my first rp with you so i need to know what i need to know.
  • what factions beyond the classic autoheros and deceptive boys are there, and how did they come about?

that should be all for now

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This RP doesn’t take place in any official continuity, but in a universe of it’s own that I’ve made.

Right. There’s an overview of the universe’s history that I’ve posted elsewhere on this site, and also a timeline that may be more convenient to read. There are also guides to the cybertronian worlds, which you may want to read to further familiarize yourself with the universe, or to get ideas for character creation.

Historical overview


Cybertron and the first seven colonies

The Prime Colonies

Factions don’t exist in this universe, actually. The Great War ended over twenty million years ago (the Autobots won, of course), and since then, the only dangers Cybertron has faced has been from external threats. Things are pretty peaceful right now- but that’s about to change, of course…


primax it is /s

also, there better be a sideways in this universe. no transformers universe, canon or noncanon, is complete without a sideways. i would recommend for sideways to know he is one of many sideways as well.

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There’s probably been a Sideways or two running around at some point in this universe. What he’s up to now, though, is anyone’s guess.


Name: Low-Tide

Homeworld: Eukaris

Low-Tide is a fairly bulky bot, standing a solid head and shoulders above most other bots. His robot mode appearance is mostly the same as his beast mode, but with the turtle head pressed against his chest, and the turtle fins replaced with robot limbs. His metallic parts are a deep forest green, with silver for accents and the underlying mechanical bits.

His head is somewhat boxy, similar to the likes of Brawl or Swindle. His optics are orange in color, and are large and a bit square-ish. Vaguely resembling sunglasses. And he’s usually seen with a relaxed grin on his face.


(Artist credit)

Weapons: None

Equipment: None

Low-Tide’s shell is extremely durable, able to defend against most threats. Though it’s still far from invincible, and is only really useful when he’s hidden within it. He’s able to quickly retract into his shell in either mode. Also, like many other larger Eukarians, Low-Tide possesses remarkable physical strength. Though he hardly ever makes much use of it.

Low-Tide is the textbook definition of chill. He’s just about as laid back and relaxed as one can get. Living most his life in the oceans of Eukaris, he spent his days floating along the water’s surface. Letting the currents take him wherever they pleased. There has yet to be a single force Eukaris has produced that’s been able to spoil his mood or harsh his vibes.

Despite his formidable strength and imposing size, Low-Tide isn’t a big fan of violence. If something tries to pick a fight with him, he’d rather just hide in his shell and wait for it to give up and go away. This shouldn’t be mistaken for total pacifism however. If pushed over the edge, Low-Tide is more than willing to defend himself or his friends.

One thing Low-Tide is really good at is emotional support. He’s great at listening in and picking up on subtle details that most others might miss, then giving his personal advice and support where he feels its needed.


Nigh-invulnerability is a bit too powerful an ability for player characters in this setting, I’m afraid.

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That’s fair. My thought was that it’d be balanced by the fact that he rarely fights, and that it’s only really effective when he’s hiding in his shell. But I can see why you wouldn’t want something like that regardless.

I changed it up a bit. Does it work now?


Yeah, this works. Thanks.

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Name: Argyros Asrar

Homeworld: Eukaris

Subtype: Predacon

Appearance: Standing approximately around thirty-eight feet tall, Argyros Asrar is a fairly tall cybertronian. He possesses a broad silhouette with horns protruding from his shoulders. His body is mostly techno-organic is design featuring a vast amount of smooth surfaces and lacking mechanical details where one would expect on a cybertronian. Jutting from either side of his lower pectoral area of his torso is three smooth rib-like structures.

Argyros Asrar bears a mostly silver form with white detailing. His face holds six blue, beady eyes and a central hooked horn. His hands are clawed, a hold-over from his dragonic alt-mode. Attached to his upper back is a set of large wings and lastly he has a large segmented tail.

(art by Robotpencil)

Alt-mode: Dragon

(art by Jessada Sutthi)

Weapons: Argyros Asrar’s weaponry includes his clawed hands, which can cut through most metals, and show up in his dragon mode. The ability in his dragon alt-mode to breath fire, although that “fire” is essentially the same energy as that of an ion cannon.

In his robot mode, Argyros Asrar makes use of two short blades that eject from his lower forearms, in a form similar to that of a pair of tonfas. Beyond these built-in weapons, Argyros Asrar makes use of his more close-combat oriented nature, with punches, kicks, and using his tail in combat.

Abilities: Argyros Asrar possesses a ‘rage’ ability that eerily resembles that of another being named Asrar. This power can be activated by the user’s will and lasts for a few minutes. During these few minutes, Argyros Asrar’s eyes turn crimson and a gaping maw opens at his abdomen. While this ability is active, his strength and speed are effectively doubled. The downside to this ability is that once deactivated it leaves Argyros Asrar at a more fragile state, where one wrong move would damage his body.

Bio: The self-proclaimed son of Asrar, this young predacon has come to Iacon in search of the one named Asrar.


Argyros Asrar is accepted.

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So Low-Tide is good to go then?

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Yes, he is.


Now for my final character, note I might write up an Asrar character sheet down the line, but for my characters before the start of the game this will be my third and last one.

Name: Jade Dragon

Homeworld: Bellator

Subtype: NA

Appearance: Jade Dragon stands an approximate twenty-four feet tall. His body painted in a vibrant natural green with dark blue-grey frame. There’s gold detailing and a left shoulder pauldron with the face of a dragon. He possesses a tail, which he often uses in counter-balancing his weight during combat.

Two horns portrude from the top of his forehead, giving his more rounded and angular head a slight dragonic appearance.

(art by Wenhao Zhou)

Alt-mode: none

Weapons: Jade Dragon possesses a rather unique guandao. It’s blade releases ion energy on impact like that of an ion blaster. It can even create “ion blades” that can be released for ranced attacks.

Abilities: While Jade Dragon possesses no magical ability that increases speed or strength, he instead possesses a high discipline for martial arts, his techniques based on the martials arts he reasearched from Earth. While his strength and speed is nothing to scoff at, his deadliest power is his martial mind and ability to analyze his opponent’s strength and weaknesses. Once he does, he uses his techniques to its fullest effects in the pursuit of its mastery. In a sense, his greatest strength is his refusal to give up.

Bio: Jade Dragon is a warrior from Bellator. He has experienced conflict in his eternal service, although unlike the expectations for a warrior of Bellator, he simply makes use of one weapon and his body. To him there is no alteration, no weapon that could be grafted to him that would perfect his pursuit in the martial arts. It is for this reason, that Jade Dragon refused to take an alt-mode. It is without these things that he found strength in his fists, and technique in his guandao. Jade Dragon travelled from Bellator to Iacon for one reason. To see who it is that become the new Prime and to see what he can learn from their example.


Jade Dragon is accepted!


Aha! clearly my most powerful character :stuck_out_tongue:
Powers? He fight good.

Sometimes that’s all you need.