Transformers movieverse Octane/Tankor concept art

So, I was bored and I decided to try out the Movie style, expecting it to turn out terrible, and then it didn’t! So yeah, the character was an tanker truck, so I decided to call it Octane/Tankor (I was closer to the source material than the bayformers). Anyways, let me know what you guys think.

Edit: took a better, less blurry scan


The arms sort of remind me of Mixmaster, well done

Thanks! I was kinda going for a Mixmaster feel with the arms, so I’m glad that came across

Are you going to make a MOC out of this like you Rahkshi? If you’re not planning to, I think it would make a good MOC. Also nice drawing. There is an astounding amount of detail.

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Oh, jeez, I don’t think I could make a MoC of this

Also, thanks

(Man, now I really want to)

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