Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Any faction would be fine with me.

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Or maybe somebody used his foolishness to make him a Decepticon. Like a brother or a close friend.

You have no idea how tempting it is to involve Shockwave in his backstory as either some kind of relative or reason for being a Decepticon.

Considering his appearance, Decepticons are a logical choice.


Whatever you decide to come up with, feel free to run the character sheet by me when you’re ready.

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Will do.

Here we go:

Name: Epsilon 5

Faction: Neutral

Homeworld: Cybertron

Appearance: Cybertronian take on Bastion from Overwatch. Is about Shockwave’s height.

(Video is JANGBRICKS’s review of Lego Overwatch Bastion)

Personality/Bio: Young and curious, this little fellow has been recently introduced to the world after being in stasis lock for the voyage up to the Insecticon world and has a sense of wonder like that of a child. He has a fondness for nature.

Weapons/Equipment/Abilities: High caliber automatic weapon on his right arm. Has radar and navigation instruments built into him along with tactical knowledge. Has a self-healing system that is mainly there to patch him up so he can make it to a proper medic for full recovery.

Can connect to large things like Combiners and ships to act as an external minigun attachment.

Alt mode: Minigun sentry turret, can partially transform to be a walking turret.



The cybertronian spacecraft relevant to Transformers: Salvation.


The proverbial crown jewels of the Decepticon navy were four massive vessels designated “Fleetcarriers”. At approximately twenty miles long each, the Fleetcarriers were the largest spacecraft ever constructed by cybertronain kind, and could- as their name suggested- carry a small fleet of ten more traditionally-sized warships within the immense hangars in their undersides. Add to that ability their vast and powerful arsenals, and the Decepticons had a weapon that only the most daring Autobot leaders would face in battle.

Two of the Fleetcarriers- the Adversary and the Indomitable- were destroyed before the cease-fire was called- the former by the Wreckers, and the latter by Omega Supreme on Junkion. Of the remaining two, Nemesis was the flagship of the Decepticon navy, and when the map to the Omega Lock was discovered, Megatron offered to have the other, Invincible, modified to become a ship that could carry a crew of explorers off into the unknown to find the machine. For roughly three years, both the Autobots and the Decepticons worked together to retrofit the Invincible, combining their technologies, engineering, and craftsmanship. Upon the completion of all the modifications, she was fittingly renamed the Cybertronian Fleetcarrier Salvation.

Signifying the newfound union between factions, Salvation retains the overall silhouette of a Decepticon Fleetcarrier, however the pointy and angular design aesthetics favored by the Empire have been eschewed in favor of the Autobot’s considerably less-intimidating and more utilitarian styles. Her black and violet livery has also been exchanged for a sand-colored hull accented by bright red. She is vaguely rectangular in shape, with two downward-angling "fins"protruding from her top to cover her sides somewhat. These fins travel down roughly two-thirds of Salvation’s length, before blending into her aft section, which is slightly wider. Though her main hangar has been sealed, Salvation still possesses thirty more, of varying size, which house transports, combat spacecraft, and personal spacecraft of various crewmembers. Most of these are located aftward. A traveling merchant from Junkion, named Thrift, has set up a small shop in hangar thirty, from which he sells his curios. Salvation’s bridge can be found atop a short, wide tower extending from her top, near her bow.

Recently, our heroes used the Omega Key to redesign Salvation, replacing hangars thirty-one and thirty-two with a chamber dubbed the Omega Conflux. Ancient cybertronian machinery in the Conflux is designed to be used in conjunction with the Omega Key, producing cybermatter and enabling our heroes to scan various items to further upgrade the ship. So far, she has been equipped with regenerative hull plating, energy shields, and improved interior defenses, along with holograms of the Allspark that show our heroes the declining health of their dying god.

Within Salvation’s hull are twelve main decks (identified as Decks 1-12, from the bottom up), each with a few sublevels between them. Each main deck has a plethora of hab-suites to house crew members, a medical bay, a security station, gunnery stations to man some of the Fleetcarrier’s weapons in battle, common areas for rest and recreation, and a training facility in which crewmembers can spar either with themselves or drones, or practice their aim on a shooting range. Salvo, the Autobot quartermaster, sells weapons to her fellow crewmembers from an armory beside deck eleven’s training room, and Forcep, the Salvation’s chief medical officer, can often be found in deck three’s sickbay. Most of Salvation’s laboratories can be found on deck six, such as the one shared by the ship’s head science officers, Sprocket and Grommet. Some of the sublevels also have unique features- sublevel two of deck one, for example, contains a cargo hold converted into a house of worship for particularly devout followers of the cybertronian faith.

As mentioned earlier, Salvation’s main hangar has been permanently sealed, and converted into a spherical chamber housing a miniature city, with towers extending from both the floor and ceiling, roadways, and a few techno-organic parks weaving between them on bridges and platforms. Pale lights in the ceiling illuminate this miniature city, which the crew have dubbed “Little Iacon”. Its towers hold mostly hab-suites, though a few training rooms and recreational centers can also be found within. Two bars serve as popular hangouts: the Antillian Sunrise, owned by a cheerful nonaligned bot named Halfrunner, and the Peace and Tyranny, run by Lurch, a Decepticon who will only serve members of his faction. Little Iacon also houses a large hologram of the Allspark, which functions similarly to the ones mentioned above.

Salvation also boasts a cavernous engineering bay, almost the size of Little Iacon. The Fleetcarrier’s main reactor and transwarp drive- which allows her to travel faster than light- hang suspended in its center, branching out to connect to the inner workings of the main engines, which sink into the far wall of the chamber. Gargantuan machinery covers the walls and floor, and catwalks run between it all for the benefit of Salvation’s engineers, who reside in towers extending from the ceiling. The chief engineer, Greasemonkey, can often be found in Engineering, tending to the transwarp drive.

An expansive network of maintenance tunnels runs throughout most of Salvation. These are dimly-lit, and retain much of the Invincible’s Decepticon architecture. The tunnels have very little security, and as such it is a popular residence for the Fleetcarrier’s stowaways, such as Facelift, who makes a living selling his services as a specialist in body modifications, and a small hive of insecticons. Salvation also possesses multiple cargo holds which store energon, ammunition, and other supplies and materials.

Both the Autobots and the Decepticons took the liberty of using Salvation as a test case for many experimental technologies, such as the transwarp drive. It grants her FTL capabilities by allowing her to travel through the void between dimensions, though it must be shut off periodically to cool down and reset; continuous travel through transwarp is sadly impossible. A few of Salvation’s weapons are also prototypes, like the forward-facing foldspace warhead batteries underneath her fins, which weaponize the technology of the transwarp drive by ripping open a temporary portal to transwarp space upon detonation, sucking in anything within range. Some of Salvation’s other weapons include turrets sporting ion cannons, energon beam emitters, and coilguns. The crux of her arsenal is a massive warp cannon built into her prow. Devised by the likes of Ironhide, Wheeljack, and Triggerhappy, its destructive capabilities are currently unknown, though undoubtedly immense. Salvation’s pilot, Flyby, has yet to find a situation in which to put the cannon to use, though when that chance comes, it is likely to be a great spectacle.

For a better visual reference for Salvation, imagine a cross between the Nemesis from Transformers: Prime and Halo’s Spirit of Fire, with the details described above. The overall silhouette is similar to that of the Nemesis, with the Fire’s influences added to remove most of the “pointy bits” and make her look less threatening/evil.


[details=The New Decepticon Fleet]The Twenty-Sixth Decepticon Fleet is one of the largest and most formidable in the Decepticon Empire’s navy, and has fallen under the leadership of Bludgeon in the New Decepticon Order’s bid for the Omega Lock and its divine power. Technically, though, it is still under the command of Thunderblast, who assumed the position after the previous incumbent tragically lost his life in a “freak accident”.

Thunderblast commands from the Vigilant, an immense and heavily-armed warship which resembles the Animated cartoon’s depiction of the Nemesis. It is roughly three miles in length, and possesses three fusion cannons protruding from its back half, in addition to energon-based gun turrets along its front half for both offense and defense. It carries swarms of fighters and a hefty compliment of airborne Decepticons, and can deploy ground forces to be commanded by Obsidian and Strika.

Five supply ships maintain the Twenty-sixth’s reserves of energon, ammunition, and other important resources. They collect resources that the heretic Decepticons find while pursuing Salvation, and possess refineries, manufacturing plants, and laboratories. They are each roughly a quarter the size of Salvation, and are armed almost exclusively for defending themselves from attack- said armaments include four small fusion cannons situated around the bridge. They each resemble the Decepticon ship Leviathan from the Universe online game.

Ten Longsword-class assault ships constitute most of the Twenty-sixth’s might. Each is armed to the proverbial teeth, with over a hundred guns and built specifically to engage enemy warships in combat. While individually they may be no match for Salvation’s weaponry, together they may very well pose a threat to her. They resemble one of the movieverse’s Nemeses as depicted in the tie-in comics.

Seven carriers contain the bulk of the heretic Decepticon’s ground forces. They are each four miles in length- their size mainly being for housing troops, weapons, and vehicles- and are armed similarly to the assault ships. They resemble Fall of Cybertron’s Nemesis.

Eight mercenary vessels of varying size, arsenals, and designs bolster the Twenty-sixth’s numbers, their crews hired by Bludgeon with the help of Banzaitron and Lockdown. The most notable of these is the Death’s Head, the personal starship of the infamous Lockdown. Only he is privy to its specifications, though rumors from the plausible to the preposterous are abound concerning its history, weapons, and other capabilities.

Finally, Bludgeon’s own Super-worldsweeper, the Armageddon, accompanies the Twenty-sixth’s on its treacherous mission. Nearly ten miles long, the Armageddon bears the silhouette of a traditional Worldsweeper, though is much larger and possesses more devastating weapons- such as a beam cannon built into the prow that can slice up a traditional warship like a cake. It bears predominantly blood-red armor, with copper highlights and orange exterior lights. It resembles IDW’s Worldsweepers in design.


If this is still open,

Name: GateCrasher.

Faction: Decepticon

Apperance: In alt mode, similar to the GDI Mammoth tank Mk 3

In robot mode, he’s about the height of Turmoil.

Alt-mode: Large double barreled tank, equipped with rocket launchers.

Weapons& such: Has a drone that can pop off. The Rocket launchers are attached to the drone. When he transforms, the cannons are on his back and can move into a firing position in robot mode. Otherwise he carries a standard laser. He can shoot two different kinds of shells: Flak, and standard slug. The missiles can be simple, or heat-seeking.

Bio: During the war, gatecrasher was one of the many rank and file in the Decpticon army. Like many, he displayed an disdain and almost downright hatred Autobots. Then he was assigned to investigate Autobot activity on the hostile word Thrijacuus IV. When he and his strike team arrived, almost immediately crew members started disappearing. At first it was attributed to enemy action, but they found the Autobot camp, and realized that couldn’t be the answer, there only a few of them left. They decided to eliminate the Autobots quickly, and get off-world. When they started to attack the base, a huge creature emerged from the jungle and destroy almost all present, only Gatecrasher and an Autobot named Heavywind survived the initial assault. Gatecrasher attempted to get to his ship, but it had been destroyed beyond repair. After several further altercations, he Heavywind decided the only way they were to survive was if they worked together. As they worked to make a usable craft out of the wreckage, he grew to admire the Autobot’s tenacity and strength. They eventually were able to get off the planet. This experience made him evaluate his entire reason for fighting. He would have become a Neutral if not for his loyalty to the empire. When he heard of the peace treaty between the two factions he was ecstatic, and he was equally joyous when he was assigned to the Salvation.

Personality: Gatecrasher is a noble warrior. He shares many ideals with the Autobots, and he would switch sides if not for his loyalty to the empire. He is known for his great sense of justice and fair play. He has deep felt conviction that the two factions are siblings and shouldn’t war against each other.


What if we simplified this to just standard slugs and flak?

Other than that, I just need to see a bio and GateCrasher will be accepted.

And with that, I’ll have to temporarily close the signups. I’m currently not in a position to properly GM for any more players. Should that situation change, though, I’ll edit the title.

Sure.Also I didn’t really come up with a bio but i’ll work on it.

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Alrighty. That sounds good.

Okay, bio added.

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Alright! I like it!

Thanks. I love turnaround characters like this. Kind why I liked Aversa from Fire Emblem.

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He said no new players but not new characters

Name: Whatever it is, he goes by Alpha now
Homeworld: Hecate But he doesn’t remember it
Faction: Autobot, but he wasn’t in much of the war


Subtype (optional):
Weapons, abilities, and equipment:
Machine gun
Rocket launcher
Ship guns
Car guns
Spaceship guns
Spaceship mode can fly in space
Talented swimmer
Fast, vehicle modes were customised by the company that raised him
Grand sword

A cat
A wig
A guinea pig
A carrot
A cheap and old McDonald’s the last person who sat in him left behind
A makeup kit
An iPhone XXXVII
A 25 thousand year old bot, Alpha led a team of autobot on earth, his best team member left to earth so alpha decided to maybe go with her sometime, however, when he asked about going on the salvation, they asked him to be an escor, this minorly annoyed him at first

Wait, this is Delta’s crush?


He’s a fighter, a warrior, a leader but a bit of a scoundrel…

I feel some awkward moments coming.
And a fight between Alpha and Gronius.

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I would love to see that

While this all gave me a laugh, I’m afraid I can’t accept it, unfortunately.

Beyond that, though, Alpha seems good.

New character, if that’s allowed.

name: Juliana (Jewel-E-ana)

faction: Nuetral (with autobot leanings)

Appearance: In robot mode,

somewhere between Nautica,

and windblade.

Alt mode: a Bugatti Atalante

Weapons & such: not much, but just before she boarded the Salvation she had gattling guns that flip out from the sides added. She also has a small blade, almost like wakizashi, but with a European style blade.

Personality: Very charming, and extremely attractive by transformer standards, but extremely shy and reserved. Think Olivia from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Bio: Juliana was created by Human named Craig Philips {for the record, mostly random name}. Craig loved his car, He waxed her every week, made weekly tune-ups, and kept her running like a dream. Only if she could talk back. This gave Craig an Idea, over several years, he manged to change his beloved Juliana into a transforming robot, but she had no life, no spark that would make Juliana into a living thing being. So he traveled to Cybertron. He smuggled Juliana onto a cargo ship and they both rode it to the planet. He than snuck into the Autobot city and stole a protoform. He made his way out of the facility and found an abandoned building in a deserted part of the planet. He spent almost a week installing the protoform into her frame. Then she moved. She came to life, just like he dreamed. She was beautiful, and he told her so. “Oh, your just saying that.” she responded. She was a shrinking violet, just like he envisioned. Craig and Juliana went back to earth.

They spent a good 20 years together on earth until Craig passed away, as all living things do in the end. she then decided to join the Salvation. She now works as an entertainer at Antillian Sunrise.