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Snap, I forgot how quickly an RP can progress in one day

Very cool to see the increase in activity, though.

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I’m happy to see people seem to be enjoying themselves. If there’s anything I can do to make things better, don’t hesitate to say anything please.


Hey, question, if I say Pixel scans something, would having him automatically duplicate into it be similar to an auto hit, or am I clear to do that?

I’ll say that for both Pixel and Spectrum (@meepinater), automatically duplicating what they scan is allowed. I haven’t been very consistent on that, so thanks for asking.


Sorry I haven’t been very active lately; I know dragged-out boss fights aren’t very fun. It’s just that I’ve had to really buckle down on online school recently, and as always, that takes precedent over gaming.


You have a stronger will than I Chrome. And for that you have my respect.

Thanks. I’m hoping that I can squeeze in enough time to wrap up the fight with the predacons this weekend and get y’all’s characters that loot I’ve been promising.


Wait, I just realized I may have been overestimating the size of the Predacons. Are they average-Transformer-sized or Godzilla-sized, like I had previously thought?

I’d compare them more to the movieverse dinobots than Godzilla, as far as size goes.

This is the best picture I could find for reference, unfortunately. Optimus is close enough to being an “average-sized” transformer (he’s anywhere from 22 to 30 feet tall depending on who you ask) that you can hopefully get a sense of how big Grimlock would be.

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I’m just judging whether or not Pixel could jump onto Vertebreak.

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Alright, I’m shooting to have the combat end today, if that’s possible.


@Chromeharpoon is the DJD in this version of the universe?

Yes, they are; and they’re pretty much just like they were in the comics.

Gotcha, If it’s fine, I’d like to put Darkside on their watchlist. Not to-be-killed, but as a likely candidate for disloyalty.

Mainly for backstory purposes.

That’s fine by me. The DJD probably won’t be making an appearance in the game though, at least not until Salvation gets back to Cybertron.

I didn’t thinks so, but I figure it gives even more reason for other bots to avoid him.

It also explains why people always seem to disappear around him, he has the horrible luck of hanging around with the wrong crowds, and they always end up going “missing”.

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Two days later…

Aight, at this point, I’m just as tired of this fight as I’m sure most of y’all are. If one of you guys wants to get everybody clear so they can nuke Predaking with some of Salvation’s guns, you have all the freedom to do so.

CoughCough Meep CoughCough


oh boy

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Yeah, I sincerely apologize for how dragged-out this battle has been. And here I was thinking that quarantine was gonna give me more time to speed this game up some for y’all…


to be fair i’m still working, and I’ve only just finished up with school