Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

I’m still working too; that’s the problem! For some unfathomable reason everyone’s buying more groceries these past few months!

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I feel that, 100+ orders are easy mode now

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Given how I rejoined just as this battle was kicking off, I don’t mind it too much. But I do look forward to the wrap up. I have some fun stuff planned with Brieg that can’t happen until things have cooled down.

100 orders ain’t nothin’ no more. I can do that in my sleep. If I was getting sleep, that is…

Oh, you think you’re the one with plans here!

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I’ve gotten close to a thousand now

You’ve seen the two inspirations. You know what this bot is about. Things are gonna get crazy to say the least.

I mean, I need to get Blight and Juliana to meet again.

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Speaking of plans, personally speaking kinda was hoping to make Llun’s alt mode more of a surprise, but eh

I was hoping the exact same thing with Fortress.

I was more referring to the fact that I still have a whole dang plot- two Omega Keys, a fifth macguffin, and another Climactic Battle Over Cybertron ™- to run 20+ characters through, plus whatever other shenanigans I feel like tossing y’all’s way.


are they macguffins tho? Macguffin’s are only there as an abstract goal for everyone to chase toward. They usually don’t do anything but maybe give the BBEG a power up. The Omega Keys seem like they could be considered more than a macguffin with the way you’ve written them

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Thanks. I’ve been trying to make them useful for you guys, with each one producing a different variety of cybermatter that can be used for different things, but none of y’all have really taken advantage of that, apart from Zepar teleporting a giant sea monster and SideStep healing himself.

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to be fair, my character isn’t the type of bot to take advantage of them, given his
mercenary background. He’s just in it for the moolah.

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Using the cybermatter will help him save Cybertron and defeat the bad guys, thus earning him moolah!

and I really don’t know what it does over than being “cyber” and “matter”

Cybermatter is capable of doing 2 things. Converting natural and organic environments into masses of mechanical metal, and reviving dead gods.

The bios I’ve written for the Omega Keys y’all’ve found so far explain what each type of cybermatter does.

You’ll find out what the other two keys do as you get them.

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I like my explanation better.

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ok, guess I didn’t see them before
of the two green is really the only one I think Llun would show interest in

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has Nova Prime flashbacks