Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

My god. If you’re thinking about what I think you’re thinking about, then yiiiikes. Haven’t had to think about that in a long time.

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Well, yours is technically only half-right in this universe

It’s okay. The first post in this topic has a whole bunch of links at the bottom to character sheets, information about the different ships, and details about the Omega Lock. It’s all there for you guys to read at your leisure and use as you see fit.

I like the idea that with the green thing, I could set up traps or even poison my enemies with my blades

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That’s one use for it, yeah.

want to clarify, it’s less of a jump and more of a tackle with the blades between Llun and the dragon. Kinda like charging it head on with a spear, except Llun is the spear.
@Chromeharpoon just in case it gets buried


I just had a stupidly fun idea, what if Fortress throws Llun like a throwing knife?


Ooh. Sounds fun. How big is he?

he’s the most average bot in his bot-mode, but his alt-mode is a bit bigger, probably 1.25 - 1.50 time bigger if I had to guess

so maybe just a tiny bit taller than Prime? like a head taller?

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Oh yeah. Fortress could hold and throw him no problem.

Though, I wonder. What is his alt mode anyway?

his altmode is basically nightmare fuel
it’s a wendigo, well a cybertronian wendigo

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What kind of wendigo are we talking here? Horrific physical manifestation of cannibalism and the dangers thereof? Or the ethereal ghost horses that create violent snowstorms and feed off of hate and anger?

the first one, with the cannibalism

Alright. I figured as much, but just wanted to be sure.

throwing him is essentially throwing a ball of murder

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Sounds fun! Probably great at parties.

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Jump on, leap at- doesn’t matter to me. Point is, whatever Llun’s trying to do there succeeds.

DId someone want me to rain heck upon a giant dragon?

Sorry for the lack of activity, i’ve been busy with schoolwork.


As have I. It’s no big deal.

Yes, very much so.

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Are all the friendlies clear?

Starchaser is nearby, but airborne. So I don’t know if she’ll need to move.

Also why is Meep the one in command of the Salvation’s doom cannons?