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His characters are on the bridge, thus closest to the gun controls.

Not yet.

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Lemme know when they are, and I’ll have SideStep step in

So is the battle over yet?

Yeah, the battle’s over. I tagged everybody in this post to let people know.

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Problem here: Salvation doesn’t have cloning tech. Not yet, anyway. That was only available to Shockwave back on Cybertron.


Every mad scientist has their tools.

Who’s to say he didn’t smuggle his own equipment on board, or jurry-rig something together? Neither option would be out of character, or all too improbable.

Like I said, the Decepticons were the ones who had cloning tech. The Autobots never figured it out, though certainly not for lack of trying. I’m not opposed to the idea that Breig tried to cobble something together- it’s most definitely in his character- but whatever he’d manage to make wouldn’t be very successful.

Of course, Shockwave is still on the ship with y’all, and I’m surprised the PCs have made so little use of him. If you want Breig to figure out cloning, he should consider enlisting his help.

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Alright. Maybe have him steel some notes. I’m just really excited for this subplot. I got a whole plan going.


Now, you’re gonna have to do something about Breig’s clone- like I said, he wouldn’t have the technology available to successfully make a duplicate of himself.

I think it’s best to just retcon it out until Brieg can feasibly create one.

Yeah. Have the double be a drone or hologram or something.

10 shanix it’s a Decimator we could have used 3 months ago.

Zepar used up the only Decimator Thrift had a while back.

I know it was joke.

But knowing Thrift and this RP, Thrift would have a Decimater he just forgot about.

So…what have I missed?

That is so true

The gang got the Green Omega Key, shot down the Death’s Head, disabled the Armageddon’s superlaser cannon, took down four predacon clones, and, for lack of a better term, thoroughly mopped the floor with the New Decepticons. Laslow was killed, sadly, but a few new characters have been introduced at the same time. The battle’s over, and the bad guys have retreated, leaving y’all to interact and perhaps tie up any loose ends on OL-2 before Salvation leaves the planet.

Laslow’s dead, replaced by Darkside, who is VERY heavily influenced by Acceleracers.

We had a confrontation with Bludgeon & Co., fought some Predacon clones, and things are just now starting to cool down.

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Then we ought to check that vault Hyperborea was guarding earlier and see what we can collect from there to bring back to Cybertron and maybe even utilize into our characters and the ship.

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That’s what I was thinking.

Also, Meep’s character, SideStep, is investigating the spy’s hideout in Engineering. He’s been collecting data on the PCs specifically, given how much y’all’s heroics have made them stand out.


Yo I heard you like spies
So i put a spy on your spy, who’s spying on my spy.

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