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Sorry, @Toa_Vladin, I’m not ignoring you, I’m just not all that much help here…

Wait, I just realized something:

If Pixel startled the creature because he turned into a reflection of it, how does the jellyfish know what it looks like? Does is occasionally fly sideways and used the ocean as a giant mirror, or are its minibots pretty close duplicates of it?

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We’re fighting a giant jellyfish-cyborg-thing that’s trying to suck out Salvation’s energon. We’re all underwater, currently, and… yeah. That’s what’s up. Need anything else?


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Still haven’t found Wildsong’s Combo team yet. Things have been kinda hectic.


Where’s Blight? Juliana and, Driftburn could use some help lifting a door.

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He’s just by the waterfall. Aside from the lurching and noises, he has no idea that anything is going on.

Uhm… I remember that at the beginning some characters, including all of mine, landed somewhere. Is that still a thing?

No; everyone’s been back aboard Salvation (or close to her, at least) for a while now.

Okay, this is probably gonna sound really bratty but I’m gonna ask it anyway: How are we supposed to resolve this problem with the jelly?

We’ve tried talking to it, shooting it in general and now trying to blind it but it’s looking as if all this is only just ticking it off.

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You’ve gotta get it off and away from Salvation somehow.

Most mechanimals don’t understand Cybertronian; that approach will rarely work when your enemy is more bestial in nature.

That could work, in theory, if you had enough firepower.

That could also be effective. More on that as things develop.

Unless we get a freaking Titan to help us or a Cybertronain nuke, I am feeling like this is a losing battle.


Where is the nearest ravine of energy and how reactive is that stuff to explosions?

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Fortunately, thanks to Salvation’s prequel status, you guys are pretty much guaranteed to win a lot of the battles. There is a way to win this one.

Salvation also has plenty of powerful weapons, too. Motherboard and the bridge crew just can’t use them right now thanks to the Jelly-bot’s initial attack.

Now there’s an interesting idea…

Setting off whatever energy’s inside those things would have some interesting results.

How much explosives are we talking? Cause gatecrasher is carrying 7000 lbs yield of explosives, plus 4 sidewinders. That aught to do it don’t ya think?

I thought we had agreed earlier that he just had a couple Sidewinders?

Yeah, 2 sidewinders, plus 3 more, is 5.

Right. I remember that.

How dig a yield does this Decimator have?

A Dimensional Decimator creates a tiny singularity/black hole-ish thing that lasts for a few seconds and rips apart anything near it. It’s kinda like those grenades the Dark Elves used in Thor 2.

Don’t ask me how it works. Ask the guys who made Fall of Cybertron. All I know is that it’s cool as all heck

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Never seen it.

since it’s not an explosion, it doesn’t have a yield then, just a radius of effect.

That short burst of intense gravity and the immense radiation released by such an event is exactly what I’m hoping is gonna set off what’s in the ravine.

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Well, then just take my word for it then. The two weapons are pretty much the exact same; the Decimator’s singularity is just a bit more destructive.

Pretty much. The actual device can only be used once, though, if I recall correctly.

Perhaps. Thrift’s also happens to be broken, which may affect things in even more unpredictable ways…

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I’m counting on that.