Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Why do i get the feeling this is going to turn into something long the lines of The parent Trap?

I doubt it.

From my knowledge of those movies, you need two kids, from completely different families, that are nearly identical in appearance to have that happen.

True. It’s been a while.

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Still, I think it is a very interesting idea to see how Daria and Gatecrasher handle raising Deus.


We’ll see how it goes.

on a side note I did make a Salvation MOC, though it’s probably not color correct

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Oh, of what?

of the Salvation of course

Do you have pictures of it? I’m very curious to see what it looks like.

will probably have some soon

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Can someone explain Deus to me real quick? I get that they’re some kind of infant in terms of age, and something about a cube and junk and a War Machine shoulder gun…

Regardless of the colors, I still wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Sure thing.

That cube-thing created him out of a bunch of junk in Sprocket’s lab, including Daria’s rifle, which has embedded itself in his shoulder. He’s unusually underdeveloped, mentally, and his body is very unstable at the moment.


Where’d the cube come from?
I’m guessing it’s neither the Allspark or the Tesseract

No; it’s an artifiact that uses a fragment of the Allspark and a piece of the Emberstone to create cybertronian life, like Deus. It’s been in the game for a while now.


Oh, okay, I remember reading that, I just never connected the two.

Here they are

I could probably make a sketch from this


Oh, that’s awesome! Not exactly how I imagined her, but this is still great!


Going off this and the two pictures I came up with this, it does certainly borrow from the Nemesis with the sleek aesthetic and the Spirit of Fire with its more simple and blocky design. Tho, to be honest most of this MOC was from what I remembered from this desc. Which was basically the Nemesis but with Halo with a more utilitarian design and color-scheme


I’m not faulting you, don’t get me wrong. I’m well aware that my description does leave a lot for interpretation. I’m sure everyone here has a different idea of what Salvation looks like, and until I get off my butt and draw/build her myself, they’re all valid as far as I’m concerned.


Coolio, I like the vauge shark outline.



Nothing brightens up my day after a long day of psych research like Pixel and Spectrum.


Oh boy, what’s that like?